Monday, January 17, 2011

Eve's Apples Gives Bra Tips to Cosmopolitan Magazine


Now in the February 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine US (with Mila Kunis on the cover), Eve's Apples' bra expert gives shopping tips on getting your best bra in The A-Cup Revolution by Mina Azodi, Senior Editor at Cosmo. The top four shopping tips for small breasts are:

1. Try a Demi Cup
Demi Cups look great on women who have small busts, especially shallow breast tissue on top of the bust. Most women think they're small busted because they have shallow breast tissue. We love that Mina Azodi
highlighted the importance of breast tissue. Mina wrote that, "Small breasts are typically larger on top than on the bottom, so this low scooping style (demi cup) gives just the right amount of support where you need it."

2. Go Tighter

Most women are wearing a band size too big! "Eighty percent of your bra is held in place by the band (not the straps), so it should be a snug fit. A good rule of thumb: You should be able to fit only two fingers between the band and your skin."

3. Eyeball the Underwire
Red Flag: This is SO important because most women are wearing are bra cup that is too small. Most bra consultations I give people have issues with the underwire cutting into the breast tissue, making the bra cup pucker away from the breast, similar to doing a peek-a-boo affect. Most women think that the bra cup is too big. Untrue, the bra cup is too small!

"If you aren't filling out the bra, double-check that the underwire is framing your boobs, not cutting them off. Otherwise, you may need to go up a size for a wider cup."

4. Check Out Your Profile

Turn to your side and raise your arms above your head. If the back of the band moves up, it's too big. It should be even all the way around your torso. Still frustrated on getting a bra that fits like a dream?

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Stay tuned for Eve's Top 10 Tips in getting your ideal bra!

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