Monday, April 25, 2011

Japanese Bra Commercials

Movies and commercials from another country can be entertaining and culturally illuminating -- on so many levels. These Japanese TV bra ads "dance to surreal success" as noted by Japanese Trends, who first covered these videos.

Thanks to
Japanese Trends and YouTube for bringing us the completely surreal and entertaining bra videos!

To read more about these brands, the article and advertisements, click on "TV Bra Ads Dance to Surreal Success" by William Andrews.

With singers including Haigou Meiko and Eri Umehara, the songs have also proved popular for their bizarre lyrics and slightly retro pop feel. “I will protect your bust” is just one of the gems!


Under The Root said...

This was Perfect! I think we may see more ads for bras on broadcast as the time moves ahead. Thank you for sharing these gems.
Brilliant and warmed me for the weekend.
Jennifer M. Brown
Under The Root

EvesApples said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! It made me smile when I watched them!

~ Eve

akismet-fc96b5fe60f6f74b6a599436eed48f05 said...

How cute! I wonder what the choreographers directions were: "Arms up, arms down,.... strong man hands, strongman hands. Now point at your boobs. Shimmy, shimmy" Love it.


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