Monday, August 11, 2008

Lingerie Americas NY Fashion Show 2008

Lingerie Americas NY, one of the most fabulous lingerie shows worldwide, held a runway show on August 4th in the Art Deco ballroom at Cipriani 23rd street in the heart of Manhattan.

The gala fashion show took inspiration from the glamorous Art Deco Ballroom, cinema, and "golden era of musical comedies." Executed in two parts, over 500 guests watched the dynamic production first dedicated to "the finest French Lingerie brands" and finished by celebrating "the diversity and creativity of top American and International brands."

Sarah Christensen, Owner and Artistic Director of “A Suivre” (the Paris based agency hired to create the exciting production) said “...The undeniable quality and professionalism of the participating brands will allow us to offer a memorable show to the audience, mixing glamour, seduction and femininity. And that’s exactly what Lingerie is about!”

For a Lingerista "Must-See" Video featuring upcoming lingerie and the momentous fashion show, click on the Lingerie Americas NY Fashion Show 2008 video below.

It looks like designers and the lingerie show creators definitely Celebrated Their Inner Eves this season!

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