Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Icing on the Cake: Lingerie Accessories ~ Part: 11 ~ Robes

A robe is an absolute essential and a boudoir basic for any woman. A luxurious robe helps you stay comfortable and relaxed after the bath. It also protects your day clothes if worn while getting ready. As gifts, robes are a personal but not too intimate option. With the holidays being here, robes are a great gift for under the tree, for a winter bride, her bridal party or family members like mothers, sisters, and in-laws. Anyway you look at it, the robe is a functional and elegant piece in your boudoir.

But which one to buy?

Since the robe will be worn daily, think of the personality and needs of the recipient. What do you (or the person your giving the robe to) think are the most important details in a robe? Here are some choices to help you decide. Choose from the answers below:

1. Warm, cozy, and high-quality

2. Comfortable and functional with fashionable details

3. Stylish and chic

4. Flirty and pure luxury, price is no object

There are many stunning robes out there. I've found some beautiful, well-made, comfortable robes that all feel supple to touch.

If you chose #2 or #3, then you'll love the robes by Daddy's Favorite (below).

Robe #2 (below right) is The Darling Wrap for $65. With a snug, comfortable fit, you can adjust it in the back and have it personally monogrammed. Robe #3 (below left) is the Bohemian Rhapsody Robe for $140. Both robes can be found at ClassyBride listed under "bridal lingerie."

If #1 or #4 was your favorite, then the robes below will suit you. Robe #1 (below right) is The Dame in Velour by Daddy's Favorite for $159.50. Contact Daddy's Favorite directly for inquiries. Robe #4 is the Cashmere Ruffle Wrap by Undrest for $530. It can be purchased at Faire Frou Frou.

For more information on these robes, go to:

Daddy's Favorite at
Undrest at
Classy Brides at
Faire Frou Frou at

Which ever robe you decide to purchase, make sure that it's comfortable to the touch, makes you feel good when you wear it and that it Celebrates Your Inner Eve!

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