Friday, November 21, 2008

What's She "Underwearing"? has created a series called, "What's She Underwearing?" Knit dresses are the first featured in the series that highlights women of four different body types: tall, average, petite and plus.

Herroom asks, "Ever wonder why some women (regardless of body-type) always look so “put-together”? It’s often subtle, but the right lingerie can make a BIG difference...(I)f you’ve stayed away from them (knit dresses) because of their form-fitting lines - fear not, we have the “Underwearing” solutions for your unique figure."


The Problem:
"Few of us can escape the midriff bulge and knits magnify it. Even an average figure like this one displays every bump and lump in clingy fabrics, including a protruding tummy, the dreaded back fat and pulling around the bottom.See how one piece can solve all those problems at once - roll-over the 'after' picture."

Model stats:
Bra size: 34B
Height: 5'4"

The Solution:
Body Wrap bodysuit provides seamless all-over control and smoothing, eliminating bumps and jiggles. Firm tummy control slenderizes the midriff bulge while the long length smooths out everything from bust to thighs. Underwire support and split crotch design means this is the only piece you'll need to wear."


The Problem:
"At first glance, this seems to be a pretty good look. But there's some unfortunate pulling and clinging at waist, hips and bottom. Not to mention, a less than flattering low-riding cleavage.How to find something that smooths even this long, tall frame?See what a subtle difference the right pieces can make. Roll-over the "after" image to see what she's 'Underwearing'".

Model stats:
Bra size: 34B
Height: 5'10"

The Solution:
"Since most one-piece shapewear just isn't long enough for tall women, try these 3 pieces! A light lift Wonderbra to do justice to a low neckline. Add Maidenform's control camisole to smooth the middle, waist, hips and bottom. Finish with Donna Karan's mid-thigh-length Perfect Slimmer."

For more information and images on Petite, Plus, Tall, and Average sizes, please click on What's She Underwearing at HerRoom?


Camille said...

My only concern is if it's comfortable? Otherwise I'm totally sold! :) Especially in the summer when knit dresses are so comfy here...I'm afraid I'd overheat. What do you think?

EvesApples said...

Personally, I like them better in the fall and winter when layering keeps you warmer. I did over heat at a summer wedding wearing one of these body shapers. Although, it was a 104 degrees outside too. ;)


~ Eve


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