Friday, February 6, 2009

Eve of the Month: Kate Hudson

Congratulations to Kate Hudson, our first ever Eve's Apples' "Eve of the Month!"

We wanted to embrace a woman who embodies what it means to "Celebrate Your Inner Eve" -- to embrace all aspects of being a woman, the sweet, the smart, the sassy, the savvy, and the seductive, with confidence!

In her interview with Bazaar Magazine in Kate Hudson's Private Life, Kate says, "I'm totally obsessed with lingerie. How often I wear it is not often enough," she comments in droll singleton mode, holding up a dusky brown corset with feather-trimmed cups. "We like La Perla," she notes approvingly. "They make great things for small-breasted women." Kate drums her fingers on a box containing the backless-gown wearer's friend the NuBra. "My new favorite thing. It literally snaps on to your boobs."

The lingerie obsession may seem a touch ironic for a girl who cuts a tomboyish swagger in her physical confidence and gutsy personality, but as Kate explains, her style is unwavering femme. "I have the same closet I did when I was a little girl," she says, laughing. If there's a secret to her look, it is maintaining a steely resistance to trends. Her current no-no? Tapered jeans. "Much as I like the way they look on women with long legs, my body does not look appropriate in tapered jeans. I have a long torso."
For the full article, click on Kate Hudson's Private Life.

How does Kate Celebrate Her Inner Eve?

She accepts herself as she is, knows what lines and designs work with her body type and isn't afraid to show off her body. What's more admirable is that she hasn't succumbed to Hollywood's pressure to have plastic surgery.
Here at Eve's Apples we think she looks gorgeous just as she is!
To see Kate in a lingerie video shoot, click on the video below.


Here is to Kate Hudson, our first Eve's Apples' Eve of the Month!

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