Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My dear Lingeristas, please check your emails to see if you are the recent winner of our exquisite Eve's Apples January Priceless "Posie" Panty Contest!

Thank you to all of our readers who submitted comments!

It was delightful reading your poems, insights, and pleas for your spouse, mate or daughter. I especially appreciated how the panties reminded Jcpawlick of better economic times backed by gold. Tracy commented about how wearing these panties are ironic since Alice in Wonderland's Chapter 1 is entitled, "Down the Rabbit-Hole," Christina could see them in "Moulin Rouge," and Hickcrazy1 would wear a note in case she was in a car accident so that the paramedics would NOT cut them off.

Inspired by all of your comments, I'm leaving you with this:

"Down the Rabbit-Hole," Alice cried with glee!
In her pink ruffled panties, she said, "I just want to Celebrate My Inner Eve.
I can be big or small, have tea or tarts,
all the time sweet or inflamed like the Queen of Hearts."

If you enjoyed this contest, check back with Eve's Apples for our February contest. FIVE LUCKY READERS WILL WIN PANTY GRAMS!

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