Friday, February 27, 2009

Confessions of a Lingerie Newbie at Fashion Week

I am new to the lingerie industry.

Well, not completely. I think I was about 11 or 12 when I bought my first bra, and frankly I don't remember what it looked or felt like. I do remember that I was so excited! I felt like a grown woman. Through the years I'd go back to the The Big Pink with my cousin and Aunt, picking through pretty patterns and various "fits". My only realy issue ever trying on lingerie when I was young was with the chemicals that they would spray on the bras. My skin is
extremely sensitive and I'd come out of the dressing room with tomato-colored skin that itched and burned. But I never thought twice about the quality. Not until I was older.

About 5 years ago, my body hit woman-hood. BAM!! Boobs, hips, thighs appeared to tell me that I was ready to bear children. I'd had the hips and thighs pretty much since I was 13, but the chest area...I was not prepared. And my girls kept growing. I was a 34B for most of my life, and now, at 30, I'm at a 36D. Maybe even a double D. Girlfriends say that I'm lucky, that I should embrace my feminine curves on the upper half, but I digress - that is another post for another time. I had to go out and find bras that were not only comfortable but pretty. And the bigger I got, the cute and pretty bras seemed to disappear. My options in "old lady colors and patterns" grew, which was not exciting. I have begun to dread lingerie shopping. Pretty, fun, bright patterns turned into monotone colors of which I have 3 options - beige, white, and black. COME ON!! And let's not even talk about how little help I could get from certain salespeople to get properly measured or help in finding undergarmets that my 80 something passed on grandmother wouldn't even find appealing.

(Gem, Evie {center} & Eve at the Curve Party located at Blush during Fashion Week in Las Vegas)

So when Eve mentioned she was going to Las Vegas for Fashion Week to check out lingerie, I jumped at the chance but with some hesitation. Again, lingerie made me nervous for fear of finding things that wouldn't make me feel pretty or sexy or good about my body. The garmets I found were purely functional, and I'm more than just T&A, thank you very much! So with my notebook and camera in hand, I became an Apple. Enthralled with the choices, the quality, the patterns and options available to those of us with girls and junk in the trunk. Lingerie being worn as t-shirts under a jacket, night gowns that you could stay in all day that made you feel like a sexy 50's movie star, bras that were beautiful and functional, and best of all, (some of) the prices weren't horrifying. At the end of the trip, I vowed to never buy from The Big Pink again (except for when they have their awesome sales on under-roos).

This is the start of my adventure, dear Lingeristas. My adventure in what lingerie SHOULD be - how it should feel, look, and best of all, how it should make you feel about yourself. For those of us who are larger on the upper half, it can be difficult, but I promise that there are bountiful options to make you Celebrate Your Inner Eve every single day!

~ Evie

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