Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Ultimate Seductive Color: Red or Black

During the height of the Alias phenomena, Jennifer Garner went through her mild manner life kicking, punching and outsmarting her way through the intelligence community. In one of her episodes, she is ready to battle for good and is stumped by some schlump who wants her to change her lingerie color.

Who knew that there were such divisions between black and red lingerie, especially when Jennifer Garner is wearing it?

Black is subtle and classic; red is hot, fiery and spicy. Your decision on which lingerie color trumps the other color could easily depend on your mood, personality and what you feel best wearing. For more information on how lingerie color affects your mood, click on Priceless Panties: Mood Lingerie.

To see Jennifer Garner's classic scene in which the red versus black debate affects the free world as we know it, click on the video clip below.


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