Friday, September 25, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Part 2 ~ Stella McCartney Lingerie Video

Last Friday, we launched our Eve's Apples "Behind the Scenes Series" to give our readers some insight into what it takes to have a successful lingerie shoot and runway show.

This week we bring you our second video, featuring Stella McCartney Lingerie (video below).

After our Eve's Apples photo shoot last weekend, I found it even more interesting to watch behind the scenes footage. It allows us to see all of the work and energy that goes into a shoot. We, the consumers, generally just see the finished product, not knowing the number of hours and people it takes to make a smooth transition from concept, to undeveloped film, to runway, to magazine, or to television!

Stay tuned, we'll be adding our own Eve's Apples Behind the Scenes video. Until the, enjoy the video featuring Stella McCartney lingerie.


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