Monday, September 7, 2009

Keira Knightley: Keep Me As I Am

What do you do when your face is recognized worldwide and the studio heads want to enhance your body to make it more curvaceous? Do you let them digitally enhance you for publicity photos? Get plastic surgery?...

...Not if you're Keira Knightley!

When faced with this predicament, "Keira Knightley drew a collective 'you go, girls!'...after reportedly resisting having her bustline digitally enhanced in publicity shots for her new film 'The Duchess.' The Daily Mail in her native United Kingdom said that the movie studio wanted to pump up Knightley’s cleavage in the photos, à la posters for 'King Arthur,' in which her bosom was blown up to buxom proportions. 'Those things certainly weren’t mine!,' said Knightley.

This time, the 23-year-old actress 'insisted that her figure stay in its natural state,' an insider said. 'She is proud of her body and doesn’t want it altered.' 'The trend now is toward "natural figures," whether voluptuous or small-busted,' said Jacqui Stafford, executive style director for Shape magazine. 'It’s a movement toward accepting what you have and making the most of it.'...” For more on the article, click on Chicago Tribune / Keira Knightley.

Hats off to Keira for being comfortable and confident in her own body!

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Keira's one woman that we admire for standing up for herself and "Celebrating Her Inner Eve."

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