Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lingerie & Tutus

Tutus, worn as a fashionably flirty skirt for some and a classic uniform for serious ballerinas, always reminds me of lingerie. One of my all time favorite panties was the pink, ruffly tutu panty by Jezebel a couple years ago, embracing all the feminine delight and details that make a tutu fun. The Huit lingerie 2009 Spring Collection (images on this page) is filled with fun details echoing back to tutus and ballerinas.

In the Tutu Much post, Mme. Piplette of A La Folie recounts a childhood Christmas in which she we left pondering over her naughty and nice qualities when Santa brought presents for all the children accept her and another girl she was sure that she'd see later in group therapy. With an obsession, close to Messy Marvin in A Christmas Story, Mme. Piplette's Red Ryder BB gun was a dainty, mulit-layered, twirl inspiring tutu.

"...I sat alone in my homemade green velvet culotte and vest set, sans cadeau. I was so embarrassed, I wanted to die... what had I done that was so bad? Was it because I snuck into the pantry and ate all the chocolate crayons my mom had bought for my sister's birthday? No, it was probably because I had forgotten to let that butterfly go and it died in my bug jar. It was an accident, I swear! But I was a murderess, and Santa knew it...."

To read about Mme. Piplette's classic holiday experience with Santa and the missing tutu, click on
Tutu Much.

Remember, you've never to young or old to pull out a tutu for fun or play.


cupcake♥trash said...

love the tutus

Kevin Murphy said...

I can notice there're some tutus that fits very nice to sexy lingerie.


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