Friday, December 18, 2009

Men's Lingerie Gift Tips: When Shopping for Her ~ Part 5

Thanks to Evie, our stellar Eve's Apples' Correspondent, for telling us about lingerie gift giving tips to men written by a man for their wives, girlfriends and signifcant others.

In the Seattle Times, Evie discovered "Spice up your holidays: A guy's guide to shopping for lingerie gifts," by Geoff Carter with the Seattle Times.

Geoff writes, "...Attention all fellers: As they now stand, your plans to buy a gift of frilly lingerie for your significant other are doomed to flop and fail. You're probably looking at lingerie Web sites right now, armed only with a vague idea of your sweetheart's sizes (no, no, stop looking at your cupped hands), and an even more vague notion of what she'd actually like to wear, a notion that's inextricably rooted in the kind of lingerie you want to see in the bedroom: lacy, see-through, possibly evaporating.

I know all this because I'm one of you: I'm buying lingerie for my girl for the first time ever. My need to research every purchase to within an inch of its life brought me to Jennifer Carroll, owner of Fremont lingerie boutique Bellefleur and co-author of "Underneath It All: A Girl's Guide to Buying, Wearing and Loving Lingerie." With her help, I have been able to break down this daunting process into a handful of steps that should be familiar to any scrubby dude who's ever played a first-person shooter.

Do some reconnaissance. Take a peek inside your significant other's underwear or lingerie drawer and look up her bra size, which is a number followed by a letter. Then look at the panty size, which should be small, medium or large. Do not try to measure her yourself: "A man coming at you with a measuring tape is a little frightening," Carroll says. "Asking her for her sizes is completely fine." Carroll also advises looking up your girl's clothing size (size 6, size 8 and so on), which can be used to size her up for sleepwear...."

For the complete article, click on A guy's guide to shopping for lingerie gifts.

For more tips, click on Eve's Apples' Tips for Men in Store Shopping, by a female's Body Type and about Gift Receipts.
(Image on this page is of a vintage Lejaby lingerie ad).

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