Friday, March 25, 2011

Lingerie Designer Feature: Part 1 ~ Eberjey

Can you say, "J'adore Eberjey?" If you've tried their feminine bralettes and cozy lingerie then you've probably said it countless times before. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, try one of their bralettes and you'll know what I mean.

It's the opposite of when you accidently fall asleep in a bra. Hello -- uncomfortable! An underwire inevitably sticks into a rib and the cups yank up over the chest. When I accidently feel asleep in my Eberjey Retro India Lace Bralette, I feel fell deliriously fell asleep t
hinking I wasn't wearing a bra. I proceeded to sleep better than a Princess on a stack of down mattresses! In a sea of cheaply made lingerie that pokes, prods and pulls, how it is that Eberjey has become known for it's lovely lace and delicate details on comfy lingerie?
It starts with an amazing mission dedicated to comfort, life and love. Owners, Alejandrina Mejia and Mariela Rovito, state that, "Ebjerjey was born from our belief that the layer worn closest to the heart should express happiness, love and confidence -- all the things that make a woman truly beautiful.

Our dream was to make a line of underthings that we would wear ourselves. Tired of lingerie that confines women to an unnatural idea of standard beauty, we wanted drawers of pretty things that flatter real bodies and feel good too. So we came up with a small collection
of carefully designed items, in delicately flirty patterns and joyful colors. Things that made us happy when we put them on every morning.

Turns out, our 'dream' lingerie made other women happy, too! And so we began our production and named our baby Eberjey (ebb-er-zhay) which
means 'joy' in a Nigerian dialect."

With all focus on a pleasurable experience for the Eberjey Lingerista, it's no wonder that they instantly become a best seller where they're sold. As someone who has worked with them personally, I know that the customer is of paramount importance. They genuinely care of the customer's experience. When Eve's Apples was mentioned in The New York Times article, "The A-Crowd," Eberjey was the first line to sell out in our store and Mar
iela personally made sure we were restocked immediately -- that says a lot about their integrity.

Now that's quite a company and quite a vision that makes quite delicious bras.

To find out more about Eberjey, click on Eberjey bras and panties.

With Eberjey, you can, "Celebrate Your Inner Eve."

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carencole said...

Superbly elegant pieces! I've noticed recently that it has become hard to find elegant and sexy lingerie but thanks for such designers that merge elegance and sexiness.


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