Monday, March 14, 2011

"Size Up The Web" on EverBeautiful!

Thank you to on posting about our "Size Up The Web" Campaign!

"Eve’s Apples Lingerie – Traditional bra fitting systems don’t work for small breasted women, says Eve of Eve’s Apples Lingerie. To help petite-busted women find their true size and the best fitting brands, Eve’s Apples Lingerie launched a campaign this past January that will run through the end of year. They invite visitors to their site to “Size Up the Web” for a complimentary online bra fitting.

The goal? To get small-breasted women everywhere to experience a bra fitting designed just for less-busty ladies, regardless of body shape. An online bra fitting, you ask? How could it possibly be accurate? “Our complimentary online bra fittings work for small-busted women of all body types – tall, short, broad or slim,” says Eve. “Women do their own measurements in the privacy of their home, then we review each submission personally and determine her true bra size based on all of the factors – not just chest circumference and breast size.” Expanding upon their commitment to help small-busted women feel as alluring as their busty counterparts, Eve’s Apples Lingerie believes the Size Up the Web campaign will:

*Help women look and feel their best in bras that both flatter and fit comfortably
*Increase the number of women who get fitted professionally by offering an at-home solution
*Minimize the hassle, cost and delay of returns for the wrong size, and
*Identify the brands that specialize in small bras and offer hard-to-find sizes

Eve is currently developing a patented bra-fitting system just for small-busted women that can be utilized without the help of a professional. Look for it to be released in late 2011. For more information – and to find your perfect bra size – visit Eve’s Apples Lingerie."

For a limited time, women who get fitted online with Eve's Apples get FREE SHIPPING (domestic) on their first order. Go to Eve's Apples and see why women all over the world are excited for a bra fitting!

For more information about EverBeautiful, go to

Most of all, feeling good starts with you! "Celebrate Your Inner Eve" Today!


~ Eve

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