Friday, May 27, 2011

Swimwear For Petite & Small Cups Arrives


Ever since I began selling lingerie online, I've continued to get messages about when I'll start carrying swimwear. My answer has always been the same, "When I find quality, stylish swimwear that fits my customers exceptionally well. It has to be something I would wear myself." That day have finally arrived.

I'm pleased to announce Eve's Apples Lingerie Boutique is now carrying Voda Swim. The Voda Envy Push Up gives 1 - 2 cup sizes and natural looking cleavage.

Before & After: Yulia, an international model prior to becoming a designer, models her custom designed swimwear, above.

Voda is the brain child of Yulia Drummond, whose inspirational st
ory behind designing the first top makes me proud to be carrying Voda. She created the first bikini top out of necessity. After becoming frustrated about not finding a bikini top that fit well for her modeling "go sees," she took matters into her own hands. Since she was used to making her own clothes in Russia, Yulia created the first bikini top for herself. It took around a year to get all the samples, sizing and fit perfect. The result is the Envy Push Up swimwear line which makes women feel comfortable and confident. I'm thrilled to be bringing you a brand that is inspiring in its creation and helps others feel good about themselves.

Voda is owned and operated by Yulia and Dustin Drummond, her husband. Both of them have spent long hours creating a brand the right way: with integrity, quality assurance and style. The Envy Push Up comes in a variety of styles, sizes and colors: the string bikini (the most popular style), hoop string bikini, turquoise stone string bikini, monokini, one piece and more coming soon.

Are you two different sizes on top and bottom. Not to worry. Voda lets you mix and match your size and style of top with your bottom (coming June 1, 2011). There are endless possibilities.
When you try an Envy Push Up, I think you'll be as surprised and delighted as I was to have a bikini top that actually fits and makes me look va-va voom on top! Try Voda Swim today!

Voda Envy Push Up Hoop String Bikini, Lipstick (pink), $127.

Be sure to check back next week for Eve's exclusive interview with Yulia Drummond who talks about her inspiration for founding Voda, her favorite designers and more! Did you know her favorite style bikini and color on women is the Voda Envy Push Up Hoop String Bikini in Lipstick, above? Find out more next week!


~ Eve


My said...

Its a really Nice idea to launch swimwear and bikinis at a wonderful Blog..
Thanks for the Info!!

Honeymoon Lingerie

Honeymoon Lingerie said...

Great blog!!
I like the way you express your thoughts and ideas of your bold mind through gorgeous bikinis...
Thanks for the post!!!

The Tame Lion said...

I'm gonna introduce this blog to my wife.

Sexy Lingerie said...

Nice swimsuits. Thanks for sharing this info. Good news for petite and small cups ladies out there.

wholesale clothes said...

You have a stunning line of swimwear here. These are perfect for women who are not confident with their chests.


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