Monday, November 14, 2011

9 Rules for Washing Your Bra

Emma Gray from The Huffington Post has some great tips on washing your bras! Ladies, I looked over their tips and heartily agree with her on these tips.

"It's an unparalleled relationship. You're supported, consistently, each and every day. You've probably been going steady for years, and you never have to make those oh-so-awkward parental introductions. Yes readers, we're obviously talking about the tried-and-true commitment that exists between you and your bra.

The average woman owns nine bras but only wears six of them regularly. When you compare those statistics to the number of other outfit essentials you own, it becomes clear that extending the longevity of your lingerie is probably a good idea -- especially as those undergarments can get quite pricey. Redbook Magazine reports that that women spend around 16 billion on bras each year, worldwide.

In an effort to help you increase the longevity of your lingerie, we spoke to a few experts who helped us put together a list of nine hard and fast rules to follow when it comes to bra care...."

9 Tips to Washing Your Bra:
  1. Wash Them Often...Enough
  2. Hand Wash Your Bras...If Possible
  3. Always Use Gentle Cycle
  4. Clasp Your Bras Before Washing
  5. Take Advantage of Laundry Bags
  6. Stay Away from Bleach
  7. Don't Mix Your Whites & Colors
  8. Keep Your Loads Light
  9. Always Hang Dry

For more detailed information on the tips, click on 9 Rules for Washing Your Bras: What Your Lingerie Needs from You.

A special thanks to Emma Gray and The Huffington Post for this post!

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