Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Bra(g) ~ The Traveling Bra Bag

How many times have you gone on a trip and packed bras that looked like the bra to the left...

...and when you unpacked you discovered that your bra looked like the bra below?

Jane Webb, Inventor of the
Bra(g), had the same problem. An avid traveler, she discovered that her biggest assets turned into liabilities after travel. It drove to her see if other women dealt with the same problem. After doing research in the market place, she discovered that most bras being sold in stores and in catalogs have some form of soft cup. There was indeed a need!

Out of necessity, thus, Bra(g) was born.

The Bra(g) (image left) is a bra bag. It's comprised of a hard shell travel case that will hold up to six bras for women with cup sizes A-C. They also recently released The Buxom Bra(g) that will hold bras up to size G.

If you want to salvage your bras while traveling and maintain the integrity of your assets, try out a Bra(g). With you confident and your mind at ease about your appearance, you'll have more time to enjoy your trip and simply Celebrate your Inner Eve!

The Bra(g)
Travel in style...arrive in form


witchy woman said...

Thank you for your practical information to an area where I will use it to make my travels a better experience. As women, we like to look fresh, sharp and put together (above board and underneath the outer shell) especially in countries where women do pay attention to their dress. A faithful reader.

Anonymous said...

This product is so big. In addition, after you have purchased this and the pantie bag, you have spent over $80.00. On the web site it says, to wear it as a purse. WHAT??? Where?? and Why?? My friend caught the maid staff at the Ritz Carlton opening it up as they were curious as to what was in there. Why advertise that we are traveling with our expensive bras?? Or do we put it in the safe with our jewels? Find something more practical.
A Faithful reader

Anonymous said...

Too big... really? As for your friend catching the maid staff at the Ritz... I had that happen as well. I was in the Dominican Republic and the maids kept giggling at my Bra Bag... they loved it! At the end of my holiday I gave it to one of them, and she cried and hugged me. How nice is that?!?! Spread the love...

I LOVE my Bra Bag and love even more my Panty Pak... they are so cute and I love opening my suitcase and all my intimates are where they should be. As for the price, I spend $150 on my bras, and $50 to keep them for being damaged is not too much. Especially because they are so well made and I don't have to replace them. In fact, I own 3 because they are so cute so I keep them on display in my closet... with my bras neatly tucked inside.
Keep up the great work is what I say... BRAVO!!!!


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