Friday, February 1, 2008

Stella McCartney Debuts Lingerie

Valentines Arrives Early!

Normally, I don't highlight designers on my blog, but something momentous and exciting has recently been announced. And I had to tell you first. Stella McCartney is debuting her first lingerie collection and it's simply gorgeous!

Many thanks to The Lingerie Post for letting us know about McCartney's release. In the post, "McCartney talks about her inspiration, which started at an early age:

'I was obsessed with French slips, lace inlays and handwork. When I think about lingerie, I tend to think of really handmade precious pieces. … The intimacy that a woman has with her lingerie is quite inspiring.'

The collection will include feminine bras, briefs, bodysuits, and chemises with prices ranging from $45 to $325....Apparently McCartney is following the same aesthetic as her outerwear – frilly, coquettish, and super sweet!"

Click on
The Lingerie Post for the full article.

The only stores, I know of, that are carrying Stella’s line are
Faire Frou Frou in Studio City, our February Boutique of the Month, and Neiman Marcus. Pop by one of the stores or check online for Stella's new lingerie. You'll be happy that you did!


Mary said...

I like her designer fashions so I'll be interested to see what her lingerie looks like. Yay Stella!

EvesApples said...

Wait until you see it! I kid you not, it is absolutely gor-g-e-ous!


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