Friday, February 22, 2008

Icing on the Cake: Lingerie Accessories ~ Part 3: Strappys

I originally was going to review Strappys of Southern California in my Heaven to Hell: Lingerie Goody Reviews section, but after I tried them out I thought they deserved more than a review. They're in Icing on the Cake because they should be thought of as an essential fashion and lingerie accessory.

The concept behind Stappys is genius. Instead of showing your hideiously tacky bra straps while in public, you switch them out for fashionable straps. Lets be honest, have you ever really felt comfortable, confident, or sexy in knowing that your bra strap was showing? Isn't that why those clear, uncomfortable plastic bra straps were invented? Truth be told, I always flinch a little bit when I have to wear the plastic or see other people doing it.

I tried out the Black Chanel Chain Bra Straps (below right) and was so pleased with them that I tore through my closet, looking for additional clothes to wear with them. Not only were the Chanel straps chic, instantly dressing up my outfit for the day, but also other people liked them. My friend commented that, "They look like jewelry."

I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that they transitioned easy to evening. During the day, I wore a simple black fitted tank and jeans. My look completely transformed for dinner and the movies without having to change my outfit when I added a wrap, some sparkling earrings, and strappy shoes. Thus my evening out attire was complete.

In regards to comfort, the bra straps were great and didn't dig into my shoulders. Keep in mind, I don't have large breasts, therefore, I don't know what it would feel like for someone with a C cup or larger. I welcome comments from C cup plus lingeristas who've tried Strappys and would love to hear about their experiences.

In any case, Strappys is definitely onto something. I hope these catch on for good. They will if I have anything to say about them. Strappys is definitely an accessory that I'll give my friends and family as gifts for birthdays, bridal showers, holidays, and stocking stuffers!

...Not to mention, I'd add a few more to my collection.

Strappys comes in several styles. Some are more glitzy, perfect for evenings out, day-to-evening (like my favorite Chanel inspired pair) and casual.

Check out Strappys of Southern California online and Celebrate Your Inner Eve, two bra straps at a time!

Strappys of Southern California

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