Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eve of the Month: Gwenyth Paltrow

Ever classic and elegant, even when coming from yoga, Gwenyth Paltrow embodies what "Celebrating Your Inner Eve" is all about -- embracing all aspects of being a woman, the sweet, the smart, the sassy, the savvy, and the seductive with confidence!

After delivering one of her children, she looked like the type of actress that we see lately who is pressured by studio heads to conform to grueling and Hellish workouts in order to be in sublime shape days after delivery. While I don't doubt that Gwenyth worked her fanny off for her interview with Oprah, during the show she admitted that she was also wearing a girdle. She's a real woman... gotta love that! Gorgeous, lovely, and humble are all words I'd use to describe Gwenyth, our Eve's Apples May Eve of the Month.

If you haven't had a chance, Gwenyth also has a fantastic blog called "GOOP" that is about "nourishing the inner aspect." While visiting the site you can get tips on food, places, shopping, things to do, how to live life and what is happening.

Here is to Gwenyth inspiring the rest of us to "Celebrate Our Inner Eves" and nourish our "inner aspect(s)."

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