Monday, May 18, 2009

Boudoir Basics: Spring Cleaning ~ Part 1

At Eve's Apples, we're all about "Celebrating Our Inner Eves," and sometime that simply means, "Out with the old and in with the new." To help our dear Lingeristas do some spring cleaning, we're posting about La Petite Coquette, one of Eve's favorite boutiques recently posted Spring Cleaning, Part 1: Address Your State of Undress.

Rebecca Apsan, writer of The Lingerie Handbook, gives insightful tips on organizing your boudoir on her blog. Her blog tips are the following:

"Are your underwear drawers overflowing, yet you often find yourself with nothing to wear? Time to do a little pruning and purge yourself of anything that shouldn’t be taking up precious drawer real estate.

First, ditch anything you wouldn’t want to be seen wearing—by a love or lust interest, a doctor, or even the other ladies in the gym locker room. Then start inspecting what remains. Say sayonara if:

• It’s discolored or faded. Has bright white become dingy grey? Is a much-loved item past its prime and ready to retire?

• The elastic is going—or gone. Just because something is not seen by others is no reason it should still be worn. If it’s lost its original shape, toss it.

• It’s worn out, frayed, or threadbare. Into the waste bin it goes. Do you think tattered lingerie is like a child’s security blanket? Let it go.

• The underwires are distorted, or even poking dangerously through fabric. No further explanation necessary I hope.

• It hasn’t been worn in over a year. There must be a reason. Was it buried—out of sight, out of mind? Or is it not an everyday item, something that should go into storage? Anything you haven’t touched in six months should be tried on and reassessed.

• It doesn’t fit properly anymore. Weight fluctuates. Women hang on to bras, especially expensive ones, waiting for their body to return to an earlier incarnation. This happens frequently with women who were recently pregnant. Even if they eventually end up at their former size, their shape sometimes has changed. Stop holding out for the day you lose a lot of weight or dramatically change your body. Buy new things when that time actually comes—believe me, you’ll be excited to treat yourself then!.."

For the complete post, click on Spring Cleaning, Part 1: Address Your State of Undress.

To find out more about La Petite Coquette, click on Eve's Apples Boutique of the Month.

Stella McCartney lingerie (image top center of post) is currently out in boutiques.

Have a wonderful Monday and best wishes cleaning out those closets!

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