Friday, October 23, 2009

Celebrate Your Inner Eve

As Eve's Apples is coming up on two wonderful years of blogging and "Celebrating Our Inner Eves" readers often send messages asking what exactly it is to "Celebrate Your Inner Eve."

Dear readers, based upon who you are, your background and your beliefs, "Celebrating Your Inner Eve" could mean a variety of things.

To Eve's Apples, celebrating your inner Eve is "to embrace all aspects of yourself, the sweet, the smart, the sassy, the savvy, the seductive with confidence." As women we wear many hats, flipping in and out of roles as wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, daughters, leaders, teachers, lovers, bosses, healers, professionals, saints and seductresses. We are all of it, and we are none of it.

We are what we think we are. We are what we project. We are defined by our actions, but, nonetheless, we are not our actions. Confused yet? Welcome to being a woman. Many of us struggle from what society, our family, our friends, our profession deem that we "should" be. What is important is that a woman knows who she is.

Celebrating Your Inner Eve is a right of passage between a being girl and a woman. A woman knows she is a sensual, intelligent, beautiful creature, capable of infinite possibilities, changing roles, all equally glorious and essential in living. "Girls" reach for a superficial perfection of womanhood that is a state of temporary beauty, fading with time, not the beauty within.

How stunning is it to watch a woman like Isabella Rossellini? She is 57 years old, yet to watch her is to watch the embodiment of womanhood and grace in movement. I agree with Choklit (from her blog "Musings from a Lover about Beautiful Things") that Isabella is fearless. In life. In love. In living.

Celebrating is a state of mind. A confidence of self, accepting all aspects that make us whole. To watch Isabella Rossellini on screen, you notice that she doesn't care about her wrinkles or her weight; she exudes a confidence that mesmerizes and seduces everyone in the room. Soon her wrinkles become brush strokes on a painting and her curves are the Venus de Milo. Once you accept all aspects of yourself, you will confidently radiate the gorgeous grace and beauty that lies within.

In other words, my dear, Lingeristas, here's to you Celebrating Your Inner Eve!

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