Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lingerie History: Part 1 ~ Chantelle

Chantelle, one of my favorite lingerie brands, has a long and illustrious history, starting in 1876 with lingerie corsetry.

On the official Chantelle website, the company states that it all began "when Mr. Gamichon made the first stretchable knits in his Romilli factory (Aube, France). Although the use of spandex had not been revolutionized, it was Mr. Gamichon's first technical innovations that improved the fabrics' elasticity in women's lingerie. He quickly joined forces with his nephew, the first representative of the Kretz family, which manages the family business turned international group to this day.

In 1902, the family started its corset-making activity and revolutionized the market with designs made from elastic fabric. The company's name was changed to "Chantelle" in 1949, when it established itself as a reference brand of body-shaping garments with the slogan, "Chantelle, the girdle that doesn't creep...." For the complete background, click on Chantelle History.

The 100 Years of Bra: Chantelle video, below, highlights the Chantelle journey and French details that make the Chantelle collection special.


Images on this page are of the current Chantelle line, featuring the Basic Original (top image above), Rive Gauche (second image above), and C Chic (third image above).

If you like Chantelle lingerie, keep checking back with Eve's Apples, we'll be carrying this brand and bras (the Basic Original and Rive Gauche) when we launch our online lingerie boutique, specializing in smaller busted and petite women.

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