Monday, December 1, 2008

Boudoir Basics: Part 1 ~ Bed Linens

The boudoir is such a personal and intimate reflection of who we are as women. I've created a series that will look at basics found in a boudoir that are an expression of your personality. There are countless personalities. Therefore, for the love of brevity and not writing a novel, I've boiled it down to 4 Boudoir Basic Types.

What style are you?

  1. Glamour Puss
  2. Classically Romantic
  3. Stylishly Modern
  4. Sexy Seductress

Scroll down to find your bed linen match up based upon your personality type.


If you're a Glamour Puss, chances are you'll love the "Tigress Stripe" by Ann Gish. Currently, the duvet coverlet is on sale. King or Queen Duvet Coverlet are both $799.90. I think the Round Sea Flower pillow ($139.90) makes the whole look!

For more information, please click on Tigress Stripe at Horchow.


"Oh Victoria!" If you're a hopeless romantic, you may never get out of this bed again. "Victoria" by Sweet Dreams comes in King and Queen. The King Duvet is $1400, and the Queen Duvet is $1350.

For more information, please click on Victoria at Horchow.


If you like modern styles, the "Amagansett" by Etro Home has updated both a classic and eclectic look. The Paisley King Duvet cover is $888 and Queen is $874. The Red Bed Spread (beneath the Paisley Duvet) is $1219.

For more information, please click on Amagensett at Neiman Marcus.


One of my all time favorites is the bedding above for you, Sexy Seductresses. The "Louis" bed linens by Ann Gish come in King and Queen. King Duvet is $650 and Queen Duvet is $600.

For more information, please click on Louis at Neiman Marcus.

These are high end, luxurious bed linens. All of them can be purchased at or


If you're looking to save a few dollars and still get the same look, here are a few tips:

  1. Choose a plain colored comforter with easy washing instructions. It's more versatile and you'll save money on dry cleaning
  2. Get the same look by embellishing with pillows in the same material
  3. Search websites, such as for clearance items
  4. Buy 400+ thread count in a versatile color on sale or at Overstock. That will give you the feel of luxury without paying the high price

No matter what bed linens you use to enhance your boudoir, be sure it reflects your personality, respects your pocket book and helps you Celebrate Your Inner Eve!

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