Friday, December 5, 2008

Tribute to Princesse Tam Tam

I was saddened to read on The Lingerie Post that Princesse Tam Tam owner Louima Hiridjee and her husband Mourad Amarsy were killed during the Mumbai terrorists attacks. Here at Eve's Apples, our hearts go out to their friends and family.

Bert, from The Lingerie Post, stated, "Blind violence leaves everyone with a sense of emptiness, and we were geniunly shocked by the news that Loumia and her husband were amongst the people killed in the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Hiridjee and her husband were dining at the Oberoi Trident hotel where they were shot and killed by terrorist forces."

In the Times of India article, French lingerie mogul, hubby killed in Mumbai attacks, it states that "...Loumia Hiridjee, creator of the Princess Tam Tam brand, and her husband Mourad Amarsy, both French nationals, were found dead in Mumbai, said Roland de Farcy, president of the group. President Nicolas Sarkozy offered condolences to the families and said France would offer "its unflinching and total support to the Indian democracy in its struggle against terrorism and fanaticism."

Hiridjee, 46, born in Madagascar, founded Princess Tam Tam with her sister Sharma in 1985. Her 49-year-old husband also served as former president of the company that has 158 outlets, mostly in Europe. Indian forces were battling Islamist insurgents who launched the coordinated attacks on two luxury hotels and other targets late Wednesday, leaving more than 130 people dead. Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner earlier issued a statement confirming that two French nationals had died in the attacks. A diplomatic source separately said the couple were killed during an exchange of gunfire.

'The terrorists have attacked the world's biggest democracy. All of the world's democrats are at their side,' Kouchner said in a statement. Among the foreigners killed were nationals from Germany, Japan, Canada, Australia and the United States. Kouchner earlier said that around 20 French nationals and an Air France crew trapped at the five-star Oberoi/Trident hotel had been rescued, but that there could still be others in need of help."

For more information on Princesse Tam Tam, you can go to the PTT website or click on the videos below.



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