Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eve Interview: It Turns Out Size Doesn't Matter

Thanks to Chickago for posting an interview between Alex and Gayvin, owner of Eve's Apples!

Gayvin Powers is the founder of “Eve’s Apples,” a website that sells luxurious lingerie for small-breasted women. Gayvin, like many of us small-breasted women, waited patiently to fill beautiful voluptuous cups. When they didn’t grow…enough…she was determined to find a bra that fit small-breasted women from sizes 28AA-36B and 32C. Now with “Eve’s” help, we can celebrate our natural shapes and finally feel sexy.

Does size really matter? Gayvin explains, men love all shapes and sizes but they truly find confidence to be the most attractive trait. I asked Gayvin, if you could help a woman struggling with insecurities about her breast-size what would you tell her?...

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It Turns Out Size Doesn't Matter.

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