Friday, September 17, 2010

Royal Corsetiere to Queen Retires

Many of you will remember my fateful trip to London where I was finally fitted properly at Rigby & Peller. Its the same establishment that held the Royal Warrant of Corsetieres to the Queen of England and was started by June Kenton. Recently, I discovered, that June Kenton, who gave support to the Queen all these years finally retired.

(I feel in love with the above Aubade Bahai bra, above, during my trip to London. It fits and looks incredible on a small bust.)

(June Kenton, above)

"She has fitted bras for the great and the good for 40 years, but June Kenton, owner of the iconic lingerie boutiques Rigby & Peller, is finally hanging up her bra straps at the age of 73.

Founded at the beginning of World War II, Rigby & Peller soon won favour with royalty - its most famous customer is Queen Elizabeth II - and today it is equally renowned among rock royalty. Lady Gaga is wearing Rigby & Peller in her latest music video. Gwyneth Paltrow, Margaret Thatcher and Sophie Dahl are all devotees, while the store also famously supplied the big pants worn by Renee Zellweger's Bridget Jones....

(The Queen of England, above)

...'Even when my husband Harold and I first started selling lingerie in our own shop in the Seventies, sizes only went up to a D. Now, sizes go all the way from A to J.'

To read the complete article, click on Royal Corsetiere Retires.

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