Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Marie Claire Weighs in on Small Busts

We're delighted to see that Marie Claire is commenting in on small busted women too! Below is the online article published on September 3, 2010 in response to the New York Times running "For the A-Crowd, Minimal Assets are a Plus."

By Maura Kelly

Did you guys see the story in yesterday's New York Times about the latest trend — small breasts? According to the article, it's cool these days to have tiny tits. As Elisabeth Dale (née Squires), who wrote Boobs: A Guide to Your Girls, told the Times, there has been "a huge surge in Web sites and online retailers that specialize in smaller bra sizes in a very empowering way." (Check out, for example.) The Times writer goes on to say: "These days, it's not uncommon for women with modest busts to flaunt what little they've got with a deep V-neck cut or a halter top." She also notes that there are a number of Facebook groups peopled by flat-chested and small-breasted women who are proud of their barely-there mammaries.

(Along somewhat similar lines, The Daily Beast recently ran a story about all the celebrities who were so unhappy with the size of their boobs after they got implants that they decided to have them removed.)

I myself have B-cups only on very good days (i.e., days when I stuff some socks down there). These come in handy when I exercise, because they mostly stay put — though I prefer jogging with a sports bra, I could get away with just wearing a tight tank top. But I do often wish I had bigger boobs, because I think they'd make me look better in lots of outfits — particularly dresses and skirts with tight tops.

But the dudes I've dated seemed to think my A-sized boobs were A-okay. One guy said, for instance, "They fit pretty well in one hand — anything bigger would just be wasted."

Is there anything much better than that to be said on the topic? I don't think so.

Nonetheless, I asked a few of my male friends to weigh in on the question: Does size matter when it comes to breasts?

"I've noticed that the greatest thing about bigger breasts is that they can make a woman look great. They're not bad to touch, either, but I do think the main appeal is aesthetic. That said, an attractive woman with smaller breasts can be hot, too."

"I don't know how to explain this, but I like small to nonexistent breasts best to look at it, and to touch. I don't like big ones at all."
For the more friend responses and the complete article, click on Eve's Apples in Marie Claire.
For information about Kate Hudson, click on Past Eve of the Month.

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