Monday, June 29, 2009

Lingerie Designer Jenna Leigh: Lingerista Extraordinaire

A newcomer to the lingerie scene this year is Jenna Leigh. "Launched in 2009, Jenna Leigh, the eponymous lingerie and intimates brand designed by Jenna Leigh, laces perfect, precise fit with high-fashion attitude, satisfying both daily indulgence and special occasion looks for the girl who doesn’t want to keep her lingerie under wraps...Jenna infuses her collection with the perfect balance of retro and current fashion, capturing that timeless, enviable glamour that only 'it girls possess."

The pink Elle Balconette Bra (image above top) and lacy Malawi Bra and Panty (image directly above) are both from Jenna's collection. To see more of her collection, c
lick on the video below.


Jenna Leigh Lingerie 2009 from Jenna Leigh NY on Vimeo.

What we love most about Jenna, aside from her collection, is her bio quote (found online), 'Lingerie is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off, every single day. It sets the foundation for the way you look and feel, inspiring every emotion from confident to coquette,' says Jenna. 'Jenna Leigh is designed to give women style and confidence.'

Now that's "Celebrating Your Inner Eve!"

Leçons de Séduction No. 32

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lejaby Video: Spring & Summer 2009


Intimate Inspirations: Designer Interviews ~ Part 1

Eve interviews Emily Lau, Owner and Designer of The Little Bra company on her lingerie line and the inspirations behind the names of her lingerie. To watch, click on the video below.


Monday, June 22, 2009

The Quotable Lingerista: Elle Macpherson

(Elle Macpherson, supermodel and owner of Elle Macpherson Intimates, above)

Elle put her ambitions of becoming a lawyer aside when she started a successful modeling career in the 1980s. Also a smart business woman, Elle, in partnership with Bendon Limited Apparel, turned her sites to the lingerie market in 1990.

Some savvy quotes by our lovely Lingerista are:
  • “If your wearing lingerie that makes you feel glamorous, you're halfway thereto turning heads"
  • "I wanted so badly to study ballet, but it was really all about wearing the tutu.”
  • “Underwear is such an emotional thing.”
  • “I thank my mother. It's the genes. I don't think too much about it.”
  • "G-strings are uncomfortable. Girls want real knickers now."

I think she's right about real women wanting real knickers! A woman and her lingerie are serious business...I'm serious.

Here's to Elle, enjoying her life and helping make our days a little brighter, sexier and more fun through her lingerie.

Leçons de Séduction No. 31

Friday, June 19, 2009

Celebrity Lingerie: Jewel Loves Daddy's Favorite

On a segment from Dancing with the Stars, Jewel is seen talking with Ty Murray, her husband while wearing my favorite Daddy's Favorite robe, Bohemian Rhapsody. The robe retails for $140 and is worth every luxurious penny. Fun, artistic and sexy, the robe can easily go from day to evening. Wear it around the house or pair it with jeans; either way, it a classic, versatile piece.

Jewel is clearly one woman who knows how to Celebrate Her Inner Eve. Now, if we could just do something about Ty's robe....

To see that clip from Dancing with the Stars, click on the video below.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mlle. Frou Frou's Boudoir...

Thanks to Alison for mentioning our post about her boudoir transformation on her Frou Frou Fashionista site. For more information on what she did with her bedroom and how she did it, click on her post Mlle. Frou Frou's Boudoir.

Enjoy, my dear Lingeristas!

Vintage Lingerie Ads: Part 3


"Bathing beauties grow on trees..."

Friday, June 12, 2009

Boudoir Basics: Spring Cleaning ~ Part 2

When Alison Rubke, co-owner of Faire Frou Frou in Studio City, California, does "spring cleaning," she does it with style. Faire Frou Frou is the incredibly darling, French-inspired lingerie boutique on Ventura Blvd. Recently, I was talking with Alison, and I was excited to discover that she was redecorating her boudoir.

How does a lingerie boutique owner spring clean and redecorate?

She takes her creativity, carves out three days (mainly for repainting her floors and furniture white), and sets her mind on transforming her bedroom into a lovely sanctuary for all things beautiful and pink. Alison did all of the work herself for this incredible result. Images on this post show her gorgeous, new bedroom.

(Image Above: Unused silver and glass from your Mother's or Grandmother's cabinets are great, feminine decorations that are also functional. Alison used a silver cup as a flower vase.)

(Image Above: Bras arranged in uniform manner make it easy to choose a bra in the morning)

I already was in love with Faire Frou Frou and wanted to move in. I'm certain if Alison gets tired of the lingerie business, she has "interior designer" as another career option. She's used the same classic taste and French style in both her boutique and boudoir.

(Image Above: Wallpaper done by Alison. You can do a make over with a little patience and your own creativity.)
(Image Above: The lovely white painted floor that took three days to paint)
And here is an homage to Chickie (image above). Chickie works hard as store security and is finally taking a break, "Celebrating Her Inner Eve" too. After all, what is redecorating if you don't have a special place for those near and dear to you?

After all this hard work, I know one place Alison is going to love getting some rest...

Here is to Alison for "Celebrating Her Inner Eve" and taking the initiative to do all this work herself! It goes to show that a little bit of time, sweat equity and a lot of creativity can create a glamorous look, making you never want to leave your bedroom.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Congratulations Naughty Knotty Contest Winner!

There were so many great entries that, once again, you Lingeristas made it extremely difficult to choose the winner!

Personally, after spending a weekend away and discovering the only pair of jeans in my suitcase was shrunk in the wash, I am highly aware of the 'ol fashion-comfort connection. I probably could have worked those jeans a bit better than I did with a bit more confidence. However, I already have a JLo booty and felt a bit uncomfortable since I don't normally put it on display in such a prominent way. After this weekend, I thought our contest winner not only encompassed the question, "Why is fashionable, comfortable clothing important to you," but I also connected with what she said about feeling good and bad.

Our May Naughty Knotty Lingerie Contest Winner is Heather!

Congratulations Heather! You'll be getting the Erin Braxton
Knotted Chemise that retails for $106.

I don't know if many people realized but this Erin Braxton chemise can be worn out on the town, to work and even to bed. It's so versatile and you're going to love living in it!

Here is what Heather wrote:

"Well, I'll tell ya: fashionable and comfortable clothing seems to make my wrinkles disappear, my hair shine and my body parts lift magically! I can strut, sit, stand, lean and shimmy with a pleasing look on my face, and everyone will smile in response! However, if my clothes are terrible and tight or laughable and loose, I'll just end up with people either avoiding acknowledgment of my situation altogether...or they'll stare in horror at my unfortunate predicament. Who needs that?"

Congratulations Heather! We hope you have many days "Celebrating Your Inner Eve" in this Erin Braxton Chemise!

For those of you still interested in entering our Eve's Apples' contests, click on Eve's Apples' June Contest!

Bonne Chance!

Leçons de Séduction No. 29

Friday, June 5, 2009


Now we've done it! That's right, we have a contest full of products to help your girls look even better! Just in time for summer, a wedding, an evening out or a trip down the red carpet.

Thanks to Bring It Up, one lucky Eve's Apples Lingerista will win a prize valued around $100. The amazing prize includes:

  • Instant Breast Lift w/ instructional DVD: retail $29.99
  • Smooth & Lift Nipple Cover: retail: $24.00
  • Breast Shaper: retail: $34.00
  • Don’t Come Undone Apparel Tape retail: $7.95


To Enter: What is your funniest mishap and why your need the Bring It Up products? Leave your comment after this post. The best comment wins!

Prize: Instant Breast Lift w/ instructional DVD, Smooth & Lift Nipple Cover, Breast Shaper, and Don’t Come Undone Apparel Tape.

Deadline: July 1, 2009 (5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time)

Important: Please be sure that we can either link back to you or that you send Eve's Apples your email address (we don't sell it or pass it along). We notify the winner directly.

Anyone interested in wanting to try Bring It Up products can get $10 off their first purchase. The discount code is: gift10.

To see how Bring It Up works, click on the video image below or Bring It Up Video.

Bonne chance, my dear Lingeristas!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vintage Lingerie Ads: Part 1


I love how the model, in the first image below, is calm, collected and classic. In the second image, her bra is a bit more pointy and her hair is...well, unleashed. While the tag line says, "If nature didn't, Warner's will," I like to call these two images, "Naughty" and "Nice."


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