Friday, July 31, 2009

Incanto Russian Lingerie Commercial

Lingerie Commercial airing on Russian TV:

Eve off to CURVExpo NYC!

Eve is currently on her way to CURVExpo in NYC!

CURVExpo was created in 2007 as a bi-annual showcase of high-end lingerie, women's swimwear and men's underwear and is currently the only show of it's kind in North America.

The 3 day event will take place August 2nd-4th, 2009 in New York, NY and September 1st - 2nd in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Both of the upcoming Curve shows will be featuring the Spring and Summer 2010 collections of over 250 International brands.

For more information, dates, times, and locations of both CURVExpo events please visit the official CURVExpo website!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for all of Eve's adventures while at CURVExpo!
I am Adam, and I have an apple!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vintage Lingerie Ads: Part 9


"I dreamed I turned on the magic of my maidenform bra."

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Quotable Lingerista ~ Bras

Although a lot of pain for a little screen time; Shaving legs, waxing eyebrows, high heels, trying to put on a bra, losing weight because women's clothes are SO revealing - Ladies you have my respect.

~ Lou Diamond Phillips

Forty pictures I was in, and all I remember is 'What kind of bra will you be wearing today, honey?' That was always the area of big decision - from the neck to the navel.

~ Donna Reed

I wanted to be the first woman to burn her bra, but it would have taken the fire department four days to put it out.

~ Dolly Parton

My mom was sarcastic about men. She would tell me Adam was the rough draft and Eve was the final product. She was a feminist minister, an earth mom who wore a bra only on Sundays.

~ Daphne Zuniga

Vintage Lingerie Ads: Part 8


"I dreamed I was tickled pink in my maidenform bra."

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lingerie: Sexy or Sensible?

What way do you like to wear your lingerie?

Sexy? Or Sensible?

Bazaar just published an article, Lingerie: Sexy or Sensible, arguing each side. Why can't lingerie be sexy and sensible? Multipurposed? Something that is fashionable and functional? I think Carole Radziwill's (image below left) position of sexy (published below) does prove that lingerie can be flirty, fun and functional.

"Silk stockings and garter belts are the new burned bra. Seriously, though, a friend recently called me antifeminist for saying it. Me! The foxhole journalist. The girl who covered two wars, lived in refugee camps, slept in tents with military infantry units, and wore government-issue fatigues (tailored, naturally). And the girl who likes to wear sexy underwear.

My top drawer is filled with demi bras and lace panties, peekaboo undies, corsets, garter belts, and an endless supply of silk stockings. But I don't save it all for special occasions or weekend getaways with a man. I wear it because it makes me feel good.

Like most addictions, mine started innocently, when Kiki De Montparnasse -- the high-end lingerie shop famous for sexy little nothings (not to mention 24-karat-gold-plated vibrators) -- opened up in my neighborhood. I was curious. Soon Kiki and I fell madly in love. I stole entire afternoons in her dimly lit dressing rooms trying on teddies and rompers, briefs and thongs, silk slips and thigh-high cashmere socks, and my favorite, garter belts.

I'll never forget my first: nude silk with black-satin trim. The night I bought it, I channeled Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham, rolling the stockings up slowly to the belt and attaching the hooks one by one. Then I threw on a casual dress and met friends for dinner. I'm not a shy girl, but the garter made me feel empowered. My feminine underwear made me act more like a man! Plus, wearing this secret ammo kicked up my confidence a notch, and if you think garters are sexy, watch the effect a little confidence has on men. A whiff of it and they circle like wolves.

Sure, cotton can be hot, too, like on Scarlett Johansson in the opening of Lost in Translation, but that's where it should stay: in the movies. Real life needs fantasy, and you shouldn't wait for a man to provide it. Owning your sexuality gives you power, and power is what feminism is all about, after all. So why burn a bra when you can wear a lace demi cup under your man-tailored suit? No one has to know but you."

While cotton white panties are comfortable, they too have their place in a lingerie drawer. In the back. To read Amy Larocca's position all for sensible panties sans the sexy, click on Sexy or Sensible Lingerie.

One of my favorite brands that is fashionably functional is Chantelle. The Caprise Bra (directly above) and Basic Invisible Bra (image at the top of the post) are versatile bras that can be worn everyday and take you into the evening. Chantelle, a luxurious brand, carries bra that are not only comfortable but also beautiful, coming in a variety of sizes whether you have small breasts or are large busted.

You can take the position of sexy or sensible, or you can find a lingerie brand that is versatile enough to suit your needs. Either route you choose, make sure the you "Celebrate Your Inner Eve." When you feel good under your clothes, you'll outwardly project that confidence and comfort.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vintage Lingerie Ads: Part 7


"I dreamed I rode in a gondola in my maidenform bra."

Friday, July 10, 2009

The French Definition of Sexiness

Oprah has a correspondent in France tell us what the French consider sexy and what the women there do to obtain it. Click on The French Definition of Sexiness or on an image in this post to link you to the video.

7 Ways to Not Look Fat in a Swimsuit

Are you in the middle of swimsuit season and still not wanting to go down to the beach? Finding the right swimsuit can be traumatic!

Many of Oprah's guests feel the same way. She asked Lauren Borish, senior buyer for, for some tips to offer women. Using those tips, Oprah's makeover team have helped "Eight women trade in their unbecoming suits for styles that make them look younger, slimmer, better toned.

  • Buy bigger. A common mistake is to go too small, especially with bikini or tankini bottoms. (Don't be distressed if you need a larger suit—swimwear often runs a size or two smaller than streetwear.)
  • Brighten up gradually. Although dark-skinned women can wear bold colors right away, paler types should start summer with a neutral like mocha or chocolate (less stark than black), working up to juicier shades as they get some sun.
  • Accentuate the positive. Put color and pattern where you want attention, dark solids where you don't.
  • Know your body. Each figure type imposes its own limits. Some helpful innovations: bikini tops with fixed cups (like a T-shirt bra for the beach) to support larger breasts, one-pieces with cutaway backs—they cover the stomach but look like sexy two-pieces from behind.
  • Psych up for trying on. Shop in the morning, on a relatively empty stomach; avoid bloat-prone days. Self-tanning beforehand makes women feel more confident, Borish says—and arms and legs look slimmer.
  • Don't rush. Block out a few hours for shopping, and try on at least ten suits. If the changing room doesn't have a three-way mirror, leave...."

    A couple make over examples are below.

Malissa Dean, 38

Before: "I was a tall, chubby girl who got teased a lot, so I used to cover up," Malissa says. "Not anymore!" But the flimsy, zero-support bra is no match for her lush figure.

After: The stylishly open back of this underwire maillot (Keiko New York, $260) has a strap for extra uplift. "I usually go for patterns and colors because I never thought a black one-piece could be sexy. But I was blown away when I saw myself in this—even my legs looked longer."

Yan Xi, 34

Before: Yan doesn't exactly worry about looking fat, but she's "so flat-chested" that she thinks her bottom is out of proportion. This squared-off tankini top bisects her midsection, making her seem shorter and even less generously endowed.

After: A string bikini (Tomas Maier, $395) is spectacular on Yan, elongating her body, playing up her curves, and showing off slim, athletic legs.

To see more swimsuit make overs, click on Oprah Swimsuit Makeovers.

Bonne chance, my dear Lingeristas! Remember if you're comfortable and confident in your swimsuit, you'll project that too!

Thursday, July 9, 2009



You've won our Eve's Apples June Contest, sponsored by Bring It Up!

Heather is winning...

  • Instant Breast Lift w/ instructional DVD: retail $29.99
  • Smooth & Lift Nipple Cover: retail: $24.00
  • Breast Shaper: retail: $34.00
  • Don’t Come Undone Apparel Tape retail: $7.95

I never knew that there were so many people who've had such embarrassing breast stories. I'm so glad to know that it isn't just me. My heart truly goes out to each and every one of the contestants who sent in their stories. Thank you so much for sharing, dear Lingeristas!

For those of you who haven't read Heather's most embarrassing story, here it is below:

"Well, this mishap happened behind doors, but no telling how many people heard it!! I was working right up to my delivery, took leave for about eight weeks to rest and such, then came back to work. I had obtained a breast pump (industrial!) to use during the day. After trying to find a good place to situate myself, the powers that be presented me with a small office in a hallway in my section. How convenient! Well, one day, I got all set up, had my book out, boobs in the slots, machine ready...and I pressed the 'on' switch. Apparently, one boob wasn't quite where it needed to be...and there was the loudest sucking toot noise I've ever heard in my life!! Of course, I panicked! Book went flying, one boob was still stuck in the contraption, making noises, the other was flailing about, perhaps in a panic, as well! I was trying to - well, I don't know what I was trying to do, other than sink into the floor, and never return. I finally got the thing shut off. I know my face was red, and no doubt, the people on the other side of the door (mostly males!) were wondering what they might find on the other side. They didn't hear me yelp for help, so they continued did I. To this day, I can't look at the book Memoirs of a Geisha without shaking my head and laughing. Ah, mammaries."

Here is to wishing all of you a wonderful summer and Celebrating Your Inner Eve with your girls strapped in!

Thanks again to Bring It Up! If you'd like to find out more about them, please visit their website at:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fashion Police: Flatter Small Breasts

In the UK, there is a group of women that roam the streets of London as "The Fashion Police." Their quick, quirky videos and fun tips make it easy for fashionistas to look their best. In the video below, they go over tips to flatter small breasts.


Leçons de Séduction No. 33

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Who can believe that the above image of Niki Taylor is now considered vintage? In any case, it's a classic 4th of July shot. The images below are of a retro one-piece, Marilyn Monroe inspired swimsuit. To me, it looks like Brigitte Bardot gone Gidget.

Bye for now, Lingeristas! Have a great 4th of July!


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