Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Things Come in Small Packages: Petite Fashionista

Whether you're a petite fashionista or a little lingeriesta, what matters is finding an expetional fit in clothing and lingerie, knowing that others are out there just like you, and realizing the size of your heart is what makes a difference.

Here is a special thanks Christa Jean owner and blooger of the Petite Fashionista for announcing our new Eve's Apples online lingerie boutique, dedicated to small busted women!

The following is a snip-it from Petite Busted Women Meet: Eve's Apples:

"Well aren't we getting spoiled! Another Petite Fashionista worthy lingerie shop online just popped up to keep us looking great with undergarments that fit, meet Eve's Apples!

Her story....

What would Eve do if the only bra in Eden was a fig leaf three sizes too big?

That is just what every small breasted woman goes through when searching for the perfect bra. That was me. Growing up, I wanted Wonder Woman’s breasts as soon as I turned 13, and I couldn’t wait to buy French lingerie. Fully grown, I wound up with 1/4 of Wonder Woman’s cup size and was left searching for beautiful bras in the tween department. Something wasn’t right. I’d grown up but all I found around me were prepubescent training bras. And it wasn’t just me. My friends had the same dilemma bra shopping for small cup sizes. Something had to change...... Read more here."

To embrace being a petite, go to the fabulous Petite Fashionista website for more exciting posts, petite designer and celebrity interviews and see some of the great work Christa Jean is doing to help the environment! Big Things so Come in Small Packages!

If you didn't know, Monica, our beautiful Eve's Apples Lingerie Model (image left wearing a Lucia Plunge Bra), who graces the home page on our website is a petite. A tall petite. At 5'9", her favorite bras to wear are by The Little Bra Company, who specialize in petites. Petites do come in all shapes and sizes.

Thanks again to Christa Jean at Petite Fashionista for her warm and welcoming post!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bra Finder: Find Your Perfect Bra Today!

What does a women do who is frustrated with bra sizes, has a small bust or a petite body, and wondering how she's going to get a good bra fitting? Bra shopping in person can be hard, not to mention online!...

Not anymore! Eve's Apples has developed a fun, easy to use Bra Finder that was made with you in mind.

Not every woman was created the same body and the same is true for women with small breasts. A woman with a 34A bra with full breast tissue can look bigger than a woman with a 32C bra with shallow breast tissue. That's one reason why so many women are wearing the wrong bra size. Many shallower busted gals think that they must be an "A" cup because they don't have full breast tissue. That isn't always the case.

The Bra Finder takes that information into consideration so that you will get the bra that closest fits your body type.

In order for you to get an accurate fitting as close as possible to being in an actual store, we've added additional features of the Bra Finder. The features are as follows:
  • Breast Type: Fitting questions about your body type - to give a more accurate reading
  • Breast Shape: The fullness of your breast tissue dictates what kind of bras will work best on your body
  • Functionality: What is the ultimate purpose, desire of use of the bra
  • Price: How much do you want to pay
  • Size: Click on your bra size (you can calculate it here too or skip it) to find you results

Painless. Specific. And curtailed for you to get your own personal bras according to your body and needs!

This is one of Eve's favorite features on the online website. It's fun, easy and made for you! Click on Eve's Apples Bra Finder to get your basic t-shirt bra, sexy bra, or perfect bra today!


( Above Images are Eberjey Retro India Bra, $48, and Boythong, $36, found at Eve's Apples Online Lingerie Boutique. Illustration above is from the Eve's Apples Bra Finder)

FREE PANTY PROMOTION...expires in 9 days!

Down to the last of our FREE Cosabella "Cutie" Thongs! Purchase $100 or more at Eve's Apples Online Lingerie Boutique and you'll be able to get these cute, lacy, versatile panties just in time for Valentine's Day! (Code:PNTY100LNCH)

Enjoy, my dear Lingeristas!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Quotable (Anti)Lingerista: Janis Joplin

Known for her gravely voice and moving music, Janis Joplin was the Queen of Cool and Headmistress of Hippies. Her free loving attitude definitely put her in the category of "Celebrating Her Inner Eve" even if she liked to go braless. Even us itty bitty gals need a lacy bralette for support. Back in Janis' day, going braless was as much of a statement about living free against the establishment's predefined rules as it was celebrating being a woman.

(Image courtesy of Google Images)

Janis is someone who defined her generation, inspired us with song and still moves us, despite her early demise. In celebration of Janis' birthday yesterday (January 19), we're celebrating her free spirit.

“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” ~ Janis Joplin

I'd like to add that, "What you've got is enough," regardless of what society says or what is on the magazine covers.

For more information on lingerie that help you look and feel your best, click on our new Eve's Apples Online Lingerie Boutique, specializing in little cup bras (28AA - 36B & 32C) for small busts as well as petite women.

Thanks to DailyDivaDish for telling us about Janis' birthday and their post! To see Janis sing "Mercedes Benz," a recording done in one take three days before her death, and their full post click The Dish on Janis Joplin.

Vintage Lingerie Ads: Part 36

Circa 1962

Friday, January 15, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Part 7 ~ Beckham / Armani Lingerie Video

To continue on with our Behind the Scenes Lingerie Series, this week we're bringing you the latest Armani lingerie ad campaign featuring Victoria and David Beckham.Image above is taken from the photo shoot. To see them behind the scenes during the shoot, click on the video below.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Harrogate Lingerie Show Video

Special thanks to Hot Milk who twittered about favoring this Harrogate Lingerie Runway Video 2009 on YouTube. The video features United Kingdom brands and offers commentary on styles and fashion.

To see the lingerie, swimwear and exciting intimate apparel, click on the video below:


Vintage Lingerie Ads: Part 35

Circa 1960

Monday, January 11, 2010

Eve's Apples Online Lingerie Boutique Launch: Small Busted Women Deserve Beautiful Lingerie!

Small Busted Women Deserve Beautiful Lingerie!

Eve’s Apples announces the official launch of its online lingerie boutique ( dedicated to women with small breasts (bra sizes 28AA – 36B and 32C).

To celebrate the launch, for the month of January any purchase over $100 receives a FREE Cosabella “CUTIE” thong! (Promo Code: PNTY100LNCH -- while supplies last.)

Gayvin Powers, owner and founder of Eve’s Apples online lingerie boutique and Eve’s Apples Lingerie Blog (, personally knows how hard it is to find a dependable bra that fits when you’re small busted.

Adult women with small breasts have different needs than young girls who are getting their first training bras. Yet, many adult women are stuck shopping in the tween department or buying bras similar to their first training bras. It goes without saying that traditionally small busted women have been exceptionally challenged when searching for a simple t-shirt bra, let alone sexy lingerie and lacy intimate apparel that make her look and feel her best, like a woman.

With a love of French lingerie, Gayvin handpicked domestic and European bras, in smaller cup sizes, that are high quality, give an exceptional fit as well as look and feel exquisite on a woman’s body. Eve’s Apples provides a variety of romantic, functional, comfortable and sexy bras for a woman’s needs. No more searching for bras in the tween department.

To accommodate women’s varying lifestyles, Eve’s Apples carries contour bras by Chantelle, push up bras by Huit, “Atlantis” the ultimate gel t-shirt bra by Panache, lacy bralettes by Eberjey, fun, flirty Blush lingerie, Cosabella’s extraordinary Talco bra (known as the “perfect yoga bra”), comfortable and sexy lingerie by Fleur’T and Keep Me, classic, sexy bras by onGossamer (adding up to a full bra cup size), petite bras by The Little Bra Company and demi cup bras by Timpa, just to name a few.

Bras are priced between $30 - $90, providing high-quality, everyday bras and sexy lingerie at affordable prices. Online, each product has additional product and brand information listed to help customers with a confident online purchase. Fun, interactive tools also aid in an easy shopping experience.

From the Eve's Apples Bra Finder (helping women find bras that suit their needs and breast type), to the Gift Finder, Videos, Wish List, Send an E-Card, Tips for Men and Advice section, shopping for small cupped bras and petite lingerie is finally an easy, fun online shopping experience. Whether a small busted or petite woman is interested in cleavage enhancing bras, adding a bra cup size, a sports bra, soft cup bras without underwire, or lacy bralettes, Eve’s Apples has a bra that suits her needs, personality and helps her look and feel her best.

To shop, or for more information about Eve’s Apples online lingerie store, visit the Eve’s Apples lingerie website at

The red lace bra (above center) is the Mad Love push up bra by Blush ($42), and comes with a matching sheer, lace bikini.

In November 2007, Gayvin Powers started Eve’s Apples lingerie blog (, and it has evolved into a successful online lingerie boutique (, dedicated to providing beautiful, comfortable bras and silky, sexy lingerie for women with small breasts and petite bodies. Eve’s Apples believes that every small busted woman can look and feel her best in lingerie. “Celebrate Your Inner Eve” today!

Leçons de Séduction No. 58

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Banish Visible Panty Lines

Many friends ask me what the best panties are to get rid of visible panty lines (VPL). Over the years, I've found that the best panties to keep you looking smooth under pants are Commando panties (thong and girlshort) by Herlook. The lazer cut lines create a seamless look under your clothes and the panties themselves are ultra comfortable. They're also some of my favorite panties to wear traveling.

Panty images on this page are of the Commando thong and girlshort at our online Eve's Apples lingerie boutique. For more information, go to our new online lingerie boutique at

For more tips on how to avoid panty lines, click on the video below.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year & Exclusive Lingerie Video

Happy New Year, my dear Lingeristas!

We've been counting down the days until the New Year and for the anxiously awaited online lingerie boutique. While we've been knocking out all of the bugs and glitches for a smooth launch, our excitement of bringing you something truly special has us wanting to celebrate early with you.

In anticipation of the launch and in celebration of a NEW YEAR, we're sharing with you a sneak preview of our Eve's Apples Behind the Scenes Video: Winter 2010 ~ Part 6. This video is from our first ever photo shoot.

The Eve's Apples lingerie boutique is specializing in small cup sizes (28AA - 36B and 32C). Monica, our lingerie model in the video, wears a size 32B bra and looks utterly stunning. Remember, small busted women deserve beautiful bras and lingerie.

Watch it and see the magic!


Eve of the Month: Jennifer Garner

Congratulations to Jennifer Garner, our Eve's Apples Eve of the Month!

Since it's a new year and a new decade, we wanted an Eve of the Month who is naturally comfortable and confident in her own skin. Jennifer Garner fit the description. She's an actress who seamlessly went from staring in Alias and getting bad guys each week, to feature films and a fully loaded personal life, complete with marriage and children.

What we love about Jennifer is that she just appears so comfortable with herself, whether she's taking her daughter to the library or loosing baby weight. Unlike most actress who've succumbed to loosing baby weight at a rapidly after giving birth, Jennifer choose to eat healthy and exercise regularly, letting the weight come off gradually. When weight comes off slowly, it's a great way to ensure that the weight stays off.

I do remember reading somewhere that Jennifer likes cotton panties above all other lingerie. If you're like Jennifer, then the Keep Me bra and panty set (below) are for you. They're so comfortable that you won't want to wear anything else...ever! I have Keep Me tank tops that I wear every day under my clothes...they're that comfortable.

To find out more about Keep Me or purchase the above bra and panty set, check with our blog and twitter to find out about online lingerie boutique launch, specializing in small busted women...we're days away.

In the meantime, it's a whole new year and decade, love your bodies. "Celebrate Your Inner Eve!" My Mom used to say, "The only person that stops you is you." What's keeping you from feeling your best?


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