Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One-of-a-Kind Online Bra Fitting

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Never Seen Before “Custom Bra Consultation” for Women with Immediate Results

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (April 10, 2012) – Did you know most petite and small-busted women can’t get a bra size by using the traditional bra measuring system? According to “Eve” of Eve’s Apples LingerieThe Small Bra Specialists, traditional bra fitting systems don’t work for women with smaller breasts.

“Most bra-measurement systems don’t take into account breast shape, tissue, and placement on the chest,” says Eve. “So women with petite and small breasts often guess their bra size and end up wearing ill-fitting bras with cups that are too small and bands that are too big.”

“Custom Bra Consultation”

The Custom Bra Consultation (www.evesappleslingerie.com/online-bra-consultation) is a direct result of Eve’s Apples’ “Size Up the Web” Campaign, launched in 2011 to help petite-busted women find their true bra size. “The response was overwhelming,” says Eve. “Within a couple of months, I couldn’t keep up with the countless requests for bra fittings.”

The answer? To create an online system that takes the specialized methods that Eve does during her personalized, online fittings (individual breast measurements, breast placement, breast tissue and bra issues) and give these customized responses it to as many women as possible.

The result? A FREE, online bra fitting tool that provides a 1 – 5 page report that is customized for each woman that fills out the form.

“I wish I had my custom bra consultation growing up.” says Eve. “It takes the guess work out of finding a bra size. And it helps women understand why they’ve been having specific issues with getting a good fit all these years.”

The Issue

Using the old system of measuring the band and cup sizes then adding four or five inches doesn’t work on petites and small busted women. A small busted woman could be a 32C but could come up with a negative cup size with the old system. It simply doesn’t work.

Why A Free Bra Consultation

Gayvin Powers, aka: Eve, spent years compiling bra fitting information on petite and small busted women. Instead of profiting by selling this information, she’s offering the personalized information to help empower women.

“Too often I’ve spoken to women crying on the phone over their low self-esteem associated with their bra size,” says Eve. “Many women have bought into the perception that only large breasts are beautiful. Women’s and society’s perception of women and their bodies need to improve. It’s my hope that providing the Custom Bra Consultation will help empower women and they’ll be more accepting of their bodies.”

Customer Feedback

Upon receipt of the immediate results, women are often surprised to discover that the best fitting bras feature larger cups and smaller bands than they’ve worn all their lives. Of her bra-fitting experience with Eve’s Apples’ Custom Bra Consultation, one customer replied:

“I had no idea I should be wearing a 32C! I've been wearing a 36B (believed I actually was a 36A!!) since high school."

Regarding the online process, she writes, “The online consultation benefit is the BEST. For years, I've been planning to go to some high-end department store to be fitted and to learn my true bra size. With a job, two kids, and the chaos of life in general, I've just never found the time -- and quite honestly, I've felt a little silly and self-conscious about bearing my tiny little apples!”


Expanding upon their commitment to help small-busted women feel as alluring as their busty counterparts, Eve’s Apples Lingerie believes the Custom Bra Consultation will achieve positive results, including:

  • Providing personalized and immediate results for FREE
  • Increasing the number of women who get fitted professionally by offering an at-home solution
  • Empowering women to understand and appreciate their bodies
  • Help women shop for their correct bra size

By lending her personal expertise to the bra fitting process, Eve is taking great strides towards making Eve’s Apples Lingerie the most personalized, intimate lingerie shopping experience for women available. She is currently developing her own brand for petite and small-busted women, be sure to look for it in 2013.

For now, women can take advantage of Eve’s personal consultation at: www.evesappleslingerie.com/online-bra-consultation


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