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Interview by Candace Rose: Eve of Eve's Apples Lingerie Specializing in Fitting Small Busted & Petite Women

Thank you to Candace Rose, who interviewed Eve and posted this article interview on March 18, 2011! Below is the interview Candace conducted.

"How many of you women are unhappy with your cup size? Do you wish you were a different size? What if I told you you're probably larger than the bra you've been wearing, especially if you have wide set breasts. Would you believe me?

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Gayvin Powers, (aka: Eve), owner and founder of Eve's Apples Lingerie, which specializes in bras for small busted and petite women. Powers shared that 'many women have different individual cup sizes, many women just have wide set breasts and traditional bra measuring doesn't always work.' I asked Gayvin what inspired her to open her lingerie boutique and she mentioned that a 'fitting at Rigby & Peller in London where the Queen gets fitted was my inspiration. They can tell what size you are bare breasted and they don't measure you. I wanted to design lingerie for small breasts but didn't launch due to my trip to London. It was eyeopening to women's bra sizes and made me think further on style and sizes for small busts.' It's very common for 'shallow breasted women to think they're a AA, but many are actually larger. 90% of women that take our online bra fitting have wide set breasts.' I was also intrigued to learn that 'most women are wide set and that many women who are athletes think that they are A cups but are actually larger.' The easiest quick fit for this situation is to "go down a band size and up a bra size."

To measure your bust properly, Gayvin uses band, cup and individual breast measurements along with assessing body type, breast shape, breast placement and current bra issue. When getting fitted at Eve's Apples they 'like to ask what size you currently wear to see if your band or cup size is correct.' Eve's Apple Lingerie website goes into great detail on how you should measure your breasts which is very easy. All you need is a bra without underwire, measuring tape and you are set! Owner Gayvin will go over your measurements and contact you with your correct bra size. By completing your online consultation you will qualify for free shipping on your first purchase.

When searching for a bra for small busted women it's important to know 'contour bras are not recommended for small busts unless its a petite bra or you have full breast tissue. Nudes are perfect when wearing a white t-shirt. If wearing a one shouldered top - convertible bras are best and give a really a good fit or try a strapless bra.

Eve's Interview Recommendations:

Wacoal Convertible Bra (8 Bras in One), $49.

Timpa Duet Lace Demi Cup Bra, $33.

If you enjoyed this interview, read more with Candace Rose. She has some fabulous designer interviews and insights in the fashion industry! You can find her at:

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Lingerie Designer Feature: Part 1 ~ Eberjey

Can you say, "J'adore Eberjey?" If you've tried their feminine bralettes and cozy lingerie then you've probably said it countless times before. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, try one of their bralettes and you'll know what I mean.

It's the opposite of when you accidently fall asleep in a bra. Hello -- uncomfortable! An underwire inevitably sticks into a rib and the cups yank up over the chest. When I accidently feel asleep in my Eberjey Retro India Lace Bralette, I feel fell deliriously fell asleep t
hinking I wasn't wearing a bra. I proceeded to sleep better than a Princess on a stack of down mattresses! In a sea of cheaply made lingerie that pokes, prods and pulls, how it is that Eberjey has become known for it's lovely lace and delicate details on comfy lingerie?
It starts with an amazing mission dedicated to comfort, life and love. Owners, Alejandrina Mejia and Mariela Rovito, state that, "Ebjerjey was born from our belief that the layer worn closest to the heart should express happiness, love and confidence -- all the things that make a woman truly beautiful.

Our dream was to make a line of underthings that we would wear ourselves. Tired of lingerie that confines women to an unnatural idea of standard beauty, we wanted drawers of pretty things that flatter real bodies and feel good too. So we came up with a small collection
of carefully designed items, in delicately flirty patterns and joyful colors. Things that made us happy when we put them on every morning.

Turns out, our 'dream' lingerie made other women happy, too! And so we began our production and named our baby Eberjey (ebb-er-zhay) which
means 'joy' in a Nigerian dialect."

With all focus on a pleasurable experience for the Eberjey Lingerista, it's no wonder that they instantly become a best seller where they're sold. As someone who has worked with them personally, I know that the customer is of paramount importance. They genuinely care of the customer's experience. When Eve's Apples was mentioned in The New York Times article, "The A-Crowd," Eberjey was the first line to sell out in our store and Mar
iela personally made sure we were restocked immediately -- that says a lot about their integrity.

Now that's quite a company and quite a vision that makes quite delicious bras.

To find out more about Eberjey, click on Eberjey bras and panties.

With Eberjey, you can, "Celebrate Your Inner Eve."

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Behind the Scenes Lingerie Video: Part 12 ~ Mariana Lingerie

To see some great Behind the Scenes shots and video of Mariana Lingerie, click on the video below.


To see more videos of Past Season Lingerie from high fashion designers, click on Behind the Scenes Lingerie Videos.

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Buy Wacoal & Support Japan!

This week only, Wacoal sales (on their website) will go directly to the relief efforts in Japan. We're sending well wishes to all of those effected by the Tsunami affects in Japan. To make a purchase, go to Wacoal's website at:


~ Eve

"Size Up The Web" on EverBeautiful!

Thank you to on posting about our "Size Up The Web" Campaign!

"Eve’s Apples Lingerie – Traditional bra fitting systems don’t work for small breasted women, says Eve of Eve’s Apples Lingerie. To help petite-busted women find their true size and the best fitting brands, Eve’s Apples Lingerie launched a campaign this past January that will run through the end of year. They invite visitors to their site to “Size Up the Web” for a complimentary online bra fitting.

The goal? To get small-breasted women everywhere to experience a bra fitting designed just for less-busty ladies, regardless of body shape. An online bra fitting, you ask? How could it possibly be accurate? “Our complimentary online bra fittings work for small-busted women of all body types – tall, short, broad or slim,” says Eve. “Women do their own measurements in the privacy of their home, then we review each submission personally and determine her true bra size based on all of the factors – not just chest circumference and breast size.” Expanding upon their commitment to help small-busted women feel as alluring as their busty counterparts, Eve’s Apples Lingerie believes the Size Up the Web campaign will:

*Help women look and feel their best in bras that both flatter and fit comfortably
*Increase the number of women who get fitted professionally by offering an at-home solution
*Minimize the hassle, cost and delay of returns for the wrong size, and
*Identify the brands that specialize in small bras and offer hard-to-find sizes

Eve is currently developing a patented bra-fitting system just for small-busted women that can be utilized without the help of a professional. Look for it to be released in late 2011. For more information – and to find your perfect bra size – visit Eve’s Apples Lingerie."

For a limited time, women who get fitted online with Eve's Apples get FREE SHIPPING (domestic) on their first order. Go to Eve's Apples and see why women all over the world are excited for a bra fitting!

For more information about EverBeautiful, go to

Most of all, feeling good starts with you! "Celebrate Your Inner Eve" Today!


~ Eve

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