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Celebrity Secrets ~ La Belle Amour Lingerie

I discovered a little treasure trove of lingerie and helpful hints at La Belle Amour Lingerie. Stephanie Elms, lingerie enthusiast and owner of La Belle Amour Lingerie posted some stellar celebrity tips, given by celebrity stylists. She's also an advocate of "The Lingerie Handbook," which I rated as "Pure Heaven" in my Heaven to Hell report. I like her already, and I think you'll enjoy her "Celebrity Secrets."

These Powerful Secrets are perfect for women who desire to look and feel sexy but don't have the confidence to grin and bear it. Believe it or not, celebrities and lingerie models aren't flawless like the airbrushed pictures would lead you to believe. They are just like the rest of us, EXCEPT they know these tricks.

Read on to discover the secrets every celebrity knows to accentuate her assets, minimize her flaws, push sexiness over the edge, and be her most desirable matter her dress size.

SECRET #1 - Accentuate your assets and minimize your flaws. Miyoko, a former actress and model, author of The Housewive's Guide To The Practical Striptease, and coach to the stars, states that men look at a woman's body in pieces. If you present to them what you want them to see then that is what they will look at. Draw attention to the parts of the body you feel best about. The basic rules are:

  • Small or sagging breast, wear lingerie with underwire to create cleavage. A demi-cup can make smaller or sagging breast look very voluptuous. Items with extra fabric or lace up top can add the illusion of volume. If C-cup or larger, support is important. For larger breast, look for a pretty supportive bra or go for a camisole or gown with sewn in support.
  • Larger arms or shoulders, no spaghetti straps. Consider wide straps or cap sleeve, and even a sheer robe.

  • Undefined waist, use two piece outfits to create hourglass figure. Enhancing cleavage with corsets will draw in the waist and provide attention upward, away from the waist. Also, consider something with an empire waist such as a babydoll.
    Stomach pooch, enhance other areas to detract attention, and opt for lingerie with hidden tummy panels or corsets to smooth and shrink the stomach. A babydoll can also be good at hiding the tummy as it is flowy.

  • Larger bottom, opt for bikini panty, boy shorts, or cheeky panties. Avoid thong or g-string panties. Try a chemise, slip, or long gown...something that doesn't hug the hips.

  • Larger thighs, choose lingerie with a wide shirt, maybe even consider ruffles or pleats. The secret is that the added width appears to come from the skirt, and not the thighs! Also consider a longer gown.

  • Short legs, wearing black pantyhose and a bedroom slipper with a small heel can lengthen them. Also, try wearing shorter lingerie, like bustiers and teddies with high cut legs. The more leg you show, the longer it will look.

  • Long torso, choose a baby doll in a longer length.

  • Short torso, choose a shorter length babydoll.
*For more on how to accentuate your assets and minimize your flaws, read The Lingerie Handbook by Rebecca Apsan, a lingerie enthusiast that clothes many celebrity clients in their intimates, including Cindy Crawford, not to mention the cast of Sex In The City!

SECRET #2 - Know how to work color! The fundamental golden rule to follow when it comes to color, no matter your shape or size, is to stick with dark colors. Colors such as black, brown, dark purple, burgundy or navy, discourage focus on flawed areas. Also, try to keep colors as monochromatic and simple as possible. To use color to your advantage, choose one area of the body you like and accentuate it. Also, consider putting a pattern in that area.

SECRET #3 - Go for fabric that is comfortable, but SEXY! (For some of you this excludes thong panties all together) Look for lingerie pieces that are soft, and made of touchable fabrics such as silk, satin, or velvet. Also, look for the quintessential feminine detail - lace. It suggests innocence and sexiness all at the same time. Lace straps, satin or silk ribbons, and sheer fabric on the stomach will lend sex appeal without baring too much skin.

SECRET #4 - If you've got it FLAUNT it and if you don't FAKE it! There are products to lift, separate, squeeze, smash, enhance, etc. almost any area of the body. Some may not be as appropriate if your using lingerie to set an intimate mood. Let's face it, no one wants the "stuffing" to fall out in the heat of the moment. However, this secret is great to pump up your lingerie and look glam in your clothes so it was worth mentioning here. For example,

  • I recently read that Gwyneth Paltrow was complimented on how great she looked shortly after giving birth to her second child. She thanked them and then confessed to wearing a girdle under her clothes.

  • On the set of the Stepford Wives, they used Takeouts (, natural feeling inserts that add a full cup size.

  • And if you have found the perfect piece of lingerie and want to wear it under your shirt but it doesn't quite boast the support you need, consider Heather Locklear's favorite fix, Low Beams ( They are ouchless, latex-free teeny adhesive pads that you can wear with or without a bra.

  • Jennifer Lopez swears by Commando(, a paper-thin undergarment that acts like a never-seen second skin.

  • You can also consider padded Butt Panties ( if you can find them. Apparently, since Jennifer Lopez has shown that bigger is better, they can't keep them in stock.
*For more Hollywood beauty secrets, "The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets" by Kym Douglas and Cindy Pearlman, two women who clearly have all the inside scoop when it comes to celebrity beauty is a must read! (

...You don't have to be Elle Macpherson or Heidi Klum to turn heads in your intimates. All you need is the right pieces for your body and a few glam tricks and your name will become synonymous with sexy. Finding that piece of lingerie and knowing how to work it ultra sexy is the ultimate in retail therapy for the mind and body! If these secrets to glam you up don't have your man drooling on himself, check his pulse, because Gisele Bundchen, Cindy Crawford, and Kate Moss have nothing on!

Click here for the full article on La Belle Amour Lingerie's website, including 15 Celebrity Secrets.

A special "Thank you" to La Belle Amour Lingerie for their article and secret tips!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

For Him: Lingerie Tips ~ Part 3

The Important Gift Receipt!

You've picked out the sexiest little lingerie you can find for your sweetie, now what? The most important thing you can do before you leave the store is ensure that you get a gift receipt.

Why? You just spent some serious time picking out the perfect corset and garter that you know she'll adore. Besides, "What is a gift receipt?"

A gift receipt shows proof of purchase and has a code listed in place of the price. It also retains the full amount of what you paid, just in case she does have to return it. If she returns it without a sales slip then she may only be credited a discounted price (the item may have gone down since purchase).

"Return the present?! How rude." You’re wild for it, why wouldn't she be too?

She should be able to use her lingerie and enjoy it, thinking of you when she does. Know that it's nothing personal if she has to make a return. Here are a few reasons she may need to return the item:
  • wrong size or color
  • a broken seam, rip, or flaw in the material
  • you thought it was Gucci but it's really hoochie

How do you get a gift receipt?

If you're at a store, ask for one as you're making a purchase. If you're buying online, look for options that allow a gift receipt or to hide the price. If these aren't available, see if there is a space for special requests. Request one in the space provided—the company might be able to accommodate.

Remember, your loved one may or may not use the gift receipt, but at least she has the option. Above all, including one tells her that this gift is about her!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Little Black Lingerie ~ The New Little Black Dress

For years it's been said that every woman needs a "little black dress." What about the lingerie that goes under it? Little black lingerie is the new little black dress.

A wardrobe staple ever since
Coco Chanel introduced it in the 1920s, the little black dress has been going from day to evening and everything in between. Versatile and appropriate no matter what the occasion is the little black dress' reputation.

But what about the lingerie underneath?

No one mentions the lingerie that goes under the little black dress. Are we suppose to wear some Granny panties and call it a day? "Absolutely not!"

We want Glam not Gran!

Today's modern woman has more demands on her than ever, having to constantly change hats all day. She has to be able to go from a board room, fashion show, sporting event and/or school to an evening out at night and look "fab-u-lous." Little black lingerie can help with all of that.

Even if you aren't wearing a little black dress, a classic, little black lingerie set (bra and panty) is a great staple. Like the little black dress, little black lingerie will take you easily from day to evening. Black not only goes nicely under dresses, it also is great under darker colored pants, skirts, shirts, sweaters and jeans.

Not much is sexier than knowing you're wearing black lingerie under your plain street clothes. You may not even be aware of the confidence and sex appeal you'll exude. But others will notice. And they'll notice when you aren't wearing them too.

You don't believe me? Remember when Bridget Jones was wearing her little black dress and she had a night cap with Daniel Cleaver? Our poor girl was humiliated wearing her "stomach sucking in panties loved by Grannies the world over." Suffice to say, it would never have happened if she put on her little black lingerie instead.

Now that I've scared you into believing, lets talk about what qualities separate little black lingerie from regular lingerie. In line with the little black dress, the following are qualities of little black lingerie:

  • Versatile (dress up and dress down)
  • Comfortable (can be worn all day and night)
  • Simple design yet elegant
  • Smooth under clothes (no bulging lines from rogue lace or panty lines)

The bra and panty set by Malizia by La Perla best describes "The Little Black Lingerie" this season. It can easily take you from day to evening and looks stunning. Just knowing that you're wearing such gorgeous lingerie beneath your clothes will make you feel like Eve, the origianl temptress!

If you don't have little black lingerie, splurge on a good quality set. To ensure versatility, make sure that you get the panty cut so that you don't have panty lines (usually a thong, t-back, tanga or sheer boy short are best). And know your correct bra size--you want to be comfortable. You can be measured at a boutique or go to:

Above all, enjoy yourself! Lingerie is fun. Celebrate your inner Eve and simplify your life with little black lingerie!

Wonderbra is on Top

Still a Must Have!

In an end-of-year what's "Hot" and what's "Not" clothing list for the U.K., the Wonderbra is still as popular as ever! The Daily Mail held a clothing poll, and the
Wonderbra came in at #3 as a "Must Have" in the U.K. -- the only bra to make the list, mind you.

The Wonderbra has had several incarnations over the decades and enjoyed much success world wide, including the United States. Since 1994, the United States has enjoyed it's signature push-up and padded design. Upon its 1994 relaunch in the United States, push-up bra sales domestically increased 43% that year.

Since then, the Wonderbra has inspired other competitors to create their own version of it. One of the most popular has been the Victoria's Secret Miracle Bra. With all the new versions of the Wonderbra around, it could take a day to explain all the bells and whistles that define each one. But in a world where there is every kind of bra imaginable, across the pond the British still love the Wonderbra the most.

Wonderbra Trivia:

  1. How long has the Wonderbra been around?

  2. Which model, wearing a Wonderbra on a billboard, is "supposedly responsible" for numerous car accidents in the U.K. because drivers were preoccupied by her bodacious bosom instead of the road?

  3. These are ad slogans for the Wonderbra in the early 1990s, "Hello boys," "Who cares if it's a bad hair day" and "Look me in the eyes and tell me that you love me." Which two were released for the U.S.?

* Answers at the end of the blog

Click here to read the full Daily Mail "Top 10" article.

Thank you to for telling us about the Daily Mail article!


  1. 72 years (It was patented in 1935)

  2. Eva Herzigov√°

  3. "Who cares if it's a bad hair day" and "Look me in the eyes and tell me that you love me." ("Hello boys" was released in the U.K.)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Intimate Stocking Stuffers ~ Cake, Candles & Robe

A Romantic Themed Stocking for Your Bath!

Soak in a candle lit bath tub lined with For Every Body Candles! These are personally some of my favorite candles for their long-lasting and fragrant scents.

Price: $7.00/tin

Relax in the bath full of luscious Red Velvet Cake bubbles, from Philosophy's 3-in-1 (shampoo, body wash and bubble bath), which is so decadent that the 3-in-1 products are always a favorite in our house--no matter what the occasion. Philosophy says "This 100 percent calorie-free option is the sweetest way to start your day." We have to agree!

Price: $16

...After the bath, this exclusive robe is the butter cream icing. The Undrest for Faire Frou Frou ~ Sophia Robe was created in union by Maria Paz Navales and Faire Frou Frou. Undrest is a luxury loungewear line constructed using only the finest 100% Supima cotton, and is known for its comfort, quality and softness. Click here for more details.

Price: $110.00

* Robe recommended as a gift under the tree

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

For Him: Lingerie Tips ~ Part 2

Lingerie to Buy Based upon Her Body Type

I love how Jennifer Love Hewitt responded to paparazzi taking a swimsuit photo of her from behind in Hawaii. While reveling in her recent engagement, instead of hiding in shame over her “less than perfect” starlet body, Jennifer stood up for herself, claiming that “she loves her body” but mostly feels bad for the women and girls who struggle with their body image. We women should have her fearlessness. Men should all be so lucky to be with a woman that has her confidence.

If your girlfriend or wife is as confident as Jennifer, than you can purchase lingerie ranging from bra & panty with garters, to corsets, camisoles, and babydolls. And she’ll love you for it.

What if your spouse or girlfriend isn’t as confident as Jennifer Love Hewitt and you want to buy her lingerie?

If your love struggles with her body image, there’s still some lingerie you can get her that will transform her figure and help her feel confident until she’s ready to put on a bikini.

First, lets talk about different body types. There are four basic body types, such as Rectangle, Pear, Apple, and Hourglass.

  • Rectangle: This is the most common body type. It’s characterized by the bust, waist, and hips all being close to the same size
  • Pear: This is the second most comment body type. It’s characterized by smaller shoulders and carrying most of the weight in the hips and thighs. These women appear to have a smaller upper body in comparison with their lower bodies
  • Apple: It’s characterized by carrying most of her weight in her upper body. Both waist and chest are typically larger than her thighs
  • Hourglass: This is the most uncommon body type. It’s characterized by resembling the shape of an hourglass where chest and thighs appear equal in size with a defined waist. She tends to not carry weight around her waist and will gain it evenly throughout her body

Now that you know her body type, lets talk about how you can enhance what she already has and make her sizzle!

  • Rectangle: Play up her legs with a Teddy or Bra & Panty with Garter. If this seems too adventuresome for her, a Babydoll will enhance her chest and still make her look sexy
  • Pear: A Chemise or Babydoll will draw attention to her upper body. If she’s confident like Jennifer Love Hewitt, by all means, try a Camisole & Panty or Tap Pants instead
  • Apple: Enhance her chest and draw attention to her legs with a Corset & Garter. She’ll look incredible! If that seems like too much for her, try a Babydoll for now
  • Hourglass: This body type can get away with anything but will look absolutely stunning in a Corset. If she has a smaller or bigger chest than the corset will fit, then a good option is Bra & Panty with Garter, Chemise, or Camisole & Panty

If all else fails and you are unsure of her body type or what she’d like, a Babydoll or Chemise are good choices. Babydolls accent the breasts and flare out in an empire waist (right under the breasts) and can hide all manner of holiday sins. A chemise is an elegant choice that can make a woman feel sexy until she’s ready to bare more.

What are those bizarre terms above “claiming” to be lingerie?

Below is a list of definitions on the lingerie mentioned above:
  • Babydoll: A short, sexy nightgown, usually made from sheer fabric
  • Camisole: Also referred to as a ‘Cami:’ a thin strapped, waist-length undergarment, the woman’s equivalent to an undergarment—but so much nicer
  • Chemise: Think of a slip with hot attitude, it can be worn under a dress or as a nightgown
  • Corset: A figure-enhancing bodice, with or without straps, often with a built in garter
  • Garter: A sexy alternative to pantyhose, a ‘belt’ worn low around the waist that holds up stockings
  • Teddy: A one-piece, body-hugging combination of bra and panty

Thank you to Nordstrom for providing specific information on lingerie definitions. Go to: to find out their tips for men going lingerie shopping. For further tips, go to

A Side Note on Color

  • Black & Dark Colors: They will cut a beautiful silhouette around a woman’s figure and will also make her appear slimmer
  • White & Lighter Colors: White is hard to wear unless she is tan or has a warmer skin tone. Most skin tones are more complimentary with softer colors, like ivory, off white, or beige.
Remember that whatever color you choose will be reflected in her skin tone when she wears it. For example, a woman who puts on a pale pink color will see that color reflected in the tone of her skin.

Before purchasing a color, try thinking of what color she tends to wear a lot of and what color and shade look the best on her. That will be a good judge of what colors are complimentary with her skin tone.

Above all…

Know Her Personality

Some women prefer bright colors and fun lingerie, regardless of her body type or skin tone. If this is your woman, than it’s more important to choose a gift that she’ll be comfortable wearing. That means, find something in one of the colors she gravitates towards and a lingerie style that will suit her personality.

Remember this is a gift for her, just as much as it is for you. You want her to feel confident, sexy, and gorgeous! When you take your time to find lingerie that she feels sexy in, you may find that your frozen winter night has melted into a sultry Hawaiian sunset.


See our Eve's Apples article, For Him: Lingerie Tips - Part 1, for ideas on how to overcome purchasing lingerie in a store.

Cosabella to Sell Sex & The City Lingerie

The WWD has announced that Cosabella has signed a licensing deal with HBO to produce lingerie bearing the “Sex and the City” label.

Cosabella and Sex and the City partnership has been ongoing since the show aired with Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristen Davis’ characters, Carrie and Charlotte, wearing the pretty designer lingerie during the television series (according to the SATC website’s costume reel).

Then when the cast appeared on Oprah in the last year of SATC, the audience were treated to Cosabella thongs, T-shirts bearing the name of each character and the entire fifth season of Sex and the City on DVD. Thanks to for this article.

For the complete article, go to:

Which leaves the only the remaining questions. Which character are you? Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda?

Friday, December 7, 2007

Intimate Stocking Stuffers ~ Kama Sutra, Panties, & Romantic Notes

Why not open your stocking in the morning and have it last well into the night...

...or all year for that matter. Whether you want to indulge for the day, night or all year, the following stocking stuffers are sure to provide some fun, pleasure, and enjoyment!

Kama Sutra Treasure Trove, Strawberry
The playful and erotic treats in this tin are all flavored strawberry and champagne. There's tingly, warming oil, pleasure balm and honey dust sprinkled on your body with feathers.

Price $34.95

The Jezebel Risque Tu Tu Thong will have you dancing in the living room with your slippers on! It comes in pink, red, & black.

Price: $14.00

365 Days of Romance
365 fortune-cookie style notes make sure romance never goes out of season with these daily reminders of your love! Let your loved one know just how much you care all year!

Price $11.95

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Brassiere Turns 100

Bra has held up famously for 100 years
By Donna Freydkin, USA TODAY

It's a lingerie jubilee. The famed Victoria's Secret fashion show, featuring the reunion performance of the Spice Girls, airs tonight on CBS (10 ET/PT). And coincidentally, the brassiere turns 100 this year, after Vogue magazine was said to be the first to write about it in 1907. "The bra has gone through so many changes over the years," says Only Hearts founder and head designer Helena Stuart, whose dainties are worn by Keri Russell and Jennifer Aniston. Adds Nathalia Bacca, spokeswoman for Eres, whose French garb is beloved by Katie Holmes and Naomi Campbell: "At first it was only about function and structure and repression. A woman had to stay constrained. It's evolved into a pleasurable thing for a woman." To celebrate the undergarment's momentous birthday, Stuart and Bacca assess some of pop culture's most memorable bra moments. Click here for the full article.
*Photo: Jayne Mansfield in a scene from the 1956 film, "The Girl Can't Help It."

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Poll Results: Your Favorite Bra is...

Last week, Eve's Apples readers were asked, "Your Favorite Bra is...?" The final results are as follows:

Luxurious ~ Makes me feels like a Goddess = 30%

Fashionable ~ Who cares about comfort = 0%

Comfortable ~ Comfort before beauty = 38%

Sexy ~ Meeeow = 30%

Affordable ~ Dollars & sense = 15%

Durable ~ Can survive a nuclear holocaust = 7%

With "Sexy" and "Comfort" being neck-and-neck all week, I'm still a bit shocked that comfort won out over sexy or luxurious. However, I have to admit, I won't even put on a bra that isn't comfortable. For me, it's just a given that it must be comfortable AND sexy. With that being said, my biggest shock is that someone is wearing a bra that can survive a nuclear holocaust.

Intimate Stocking Stuffers ~ Vintage Card Case

This sassy, vintage case holds business and credit cards. "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun" is on the snap enclosure. Click here for more information.

Price: $14.95

Monday, December 3, 2007

Intimate Stocking Stuffers

Promise Rings ~ For the Cure
The rings come in a package of two, one to wear and one to share. The rings are made of stretch silicone and one size fits all - the rings can be worn on any finger.
Price: $5
Click here for more information.

For Him: Lingerie Tips ~ Part 1

Holiday Shopping

How do you shop for your honey when you’d rather have a root canal than walk into a lingerie store? While women have infiltrated men’s clothing stores for years, it’s still difficult for some men to shop in a lingerie store. If this is you, you aren’t alone. Here are some tips to bolster your confidence and make a lingerie purchase:

Just Do It!

Realize that buying ladies lingerie is liberating. It’s a huge turn-on for a woman to find out that her man took the time to personally buy lingerie with her in mind.

Liquid Courage

If you have to go as far as having a Glen Levitt before walking into a lingerie store, it’s better to do the following first:

Call a Lingerie Store Ahead of Time

  • Ask the store manager to pull some lingerie for you before you arrive
  • Ask about slow days and times at the store. Visit the store at those times
  • Make an appointment with a sales associate to maximize you’re time in the store. Nordstrom and most boutiques will accomodate you

If you still just can’t bring yourself to physically go into a store…

Shop Online

It takes the embarrassment factor out of it that some men experience. You can go to a website any time (day or night), wearing your pajamas (if you want) and you’re the only one who knows that you’re shopping.

The following areas are places to look for lingerie online:

  • Boutique Websites
  • Department Store Websites
  • Online Store Websites ~ They’ll have a variety of brands and styles of lingerie
  • Lingerie Brand Websites ~ You'll either be able to purchase online or be directed to a company that sells the brand

You don’t know any brand names? If this is the case, ask her the name of her favorite brand, look in her lingerie drawer or ask her friends. If you still come up empty handed, La Perla and Cosabella always have a beautiful fit and gorgeous lingerie.

For specific links to my favorite boutiques, department stores and online store websites, click here for my “Priceless Panties” article.

Lingerie is the gift that keeps on giving. Don't believe me? Buy her that lingerie and find out!

Heaven to Hell: Lingerie Goody Reviews ~ The Lingerie Handbook

The Lingerie Handbook by Rebecca Apsan with Sarah Stark
Overall Rating: AHHHH!

The AHHH Factor: Lingerie Products that are Heaven or Hell
AHHHH! = Pure Heaven
AHHH = Almost Heavenly
Ahh = Half Way Between Heaven & Hell
ah = HELL!

The Lingerie Handbook is a girl's best friend. It's visually interesting and filled with practical information that every woman needs to know about bras, fit, and solutions to lingerie problems. Rebecca believes "...lingerie has the ability to transform, allowing a woman to reinvent and revitalize herself, or simply remember who she is." And, you don't need to be a size 2 body to do it. All women, in their vast shapes and sizes, are beautiful. I heartily agree with her. This book not only has applicable information, but it also takes a positive step in helping women accept their bodies. For more reviews, click here.
  • Expertise of Author: AHHHH! Rebecca has owned the store, La Petite Coquette, for over 30 years and has fitted everyday women, to models and celebrities.
  • Writing: AHHHH! Easy to read.
  • Photos: AHHHH! Rebecca does a great job of using real people as models of all shapes and sizes. The models aren't stick thin, and their confidence wearing the lingerie shows in the photos. They look beautiful!
  • Helpful: AHHHH!
  • Highlights: Tips for women with small-large breasts and all sorts of body types. Solutions to everyday problems with your bras, fit and body type. The pictures are inspiring. The lingerie is gor-g-eous!
  • Lowlights: Her store is in NY, and I live in LA.
  • Price: $ (under $20)

Shop Lingerie Online: Using Interactive Fashion Plates

Unless you're Bridget Jones and you don't mind running out in the snow in your leopard print panties, then you probably want a little bit of privacy when trying on your lingerie. I've always been a naked girl, but I've definitely had my moments where I've wanted to hide behind a curtain or avoid the lingerie store. I've either thought the mirrors made me look 12 sizes bigger, I was having an "ugly day," or I was just plain old too busy to get there.
Here's an answer, and it's sooo much fun! Try your lingerie on online at! uses model videos to show you what lingerie looks like on a “real” person, letting the user drag-and-drop lingerie sets onto a choice of three women representing varying sizes and ethnicity...As you browse through the (lingerie) collection, you can’t help checking each piece out to see how it looks on each model and how the lingerie fits as the models walks back and forth.
Click here for the full article.

Do yourself a favor and take a look at to see how you would look in that luxurious lingerie!

Priceless Panties: Miss LaLa's Collection

An exciting new label has launched this week, backed by one of the most well-known boutiques in the British lingerie industry. Fina Rees, co-proprietress of the famous Miss La La’s Boudoir in London, has created her own new lingerie label: the coquettish Miss La La Presents. Click here for the article.

Miss La La is quickly becoming one of my new favorites, & I think you'll agree that she has some "Priceless Panties" in her new collection!

Icing on the Cake: Lingerie Accessories ~ Part 1: Blindfolds

Blindfolds are Dessert!

It's the hint of erotic, suspense and of what's to come that brings so much intrigue to the Blindfold. Its soft, supple texture rests on our eyes as a hint of the ties brush our skin. What's to come? We don't know. All we know is that one of our senses is taken away and now the other's are heightened!

The moments in waiting to feel the warmth of his breath, a feather grazing past our skin or something more is left to our imagination...

I'd say that I get the same feeling when I bite down into Godiva chocolate with raspberries, but... No. Blindfolds are better than dessert. Unless, of course, you combine the two.

To get some of the sexiest blindfolds, check out:

The Marquee Blindfold with
"Treat Me Like the Whore..." across the front. You can find it at For end of the season picks, you can't beat Spoylt's 50% off blindfolds in an array of sumptuous colors. My favorite is "Flirtation" and is always on my nightstand. Found at

After a night of having dessert in bed, you may need the
Alvin & Sparky Eye Mask with black cashmere on the front and pink silk next to your eyes (at so that you can get some real shut eye!
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Priceless Panties: Mood Lingerie

An old boyfriend once told me that nothing is more attractive on a woman than confidence. I say, "Nothing is more attractive than a confident woman in luxurious lingerie."

For me, wearing a beautiful matching bra and panty set in a sumptuous fabric against my skin makes me feel sexy any day. It's never mattered to me whether or not my boyfriends ever knew that I was wearing special lingerie or not, or even if my husband does now. What has mattered all along is that I've known!

The right kind of lingerie will set me up for the day. If there's a day where I feel like hell warmed over, I'll look though my precious, color-coded lingerie drawers only to find my mood lifting. Once I slip the silk over my body, the decision is made. Today is going to be good!

Over the years, I've noticed, that I tend to gravitate towards certain colors and sets based upon my moods. The following is what I've found according to my mood:

Bra Color & Mood
  • white = fresh, new beginnings
  • black = meow, confident, nothings getting past me today
  • red = sexy vixen, sassy, watch out
  • pink = sweet, loving, tender, kind
  • blue = calm, mellow, steady
  • green = grounding
  • brown = stylish, serious
  • orange = artistic, creative
  • flower print = girlie
  • stripes = fun-loving, sporty

How I feel about lingerie reminds me of the time I tried on a $250,000 necklace at Tiffany's. The ladies with me were encouraging me to try on the necklace. I thought, "Why? I don't even like diamonds." I begrudgingly tried it on, only to be shocked at how such a small, delicately crafted piece could immediately alter my mood.

Once it was on my neck, I felt it...the feeling can only be described as a symbiotic blend of craftsmanship, beauty, and elegance. And I hadn't even I looked in the mirror yet. I can still feel the light, countless karats effortlessly draping over my collar bone and the polished metal gliding over my skin. It was as if the necklace were made just for me. And when I saw it on myself...well, I don't have to say anymore. It was a priceless experience. In that moment, I finally knew why they say, "Diamonds are a girls best friend."

The right lingerie can have the same mood altering affect. Although, for a lot less money. Whew! Lingerie can make me feel as if this beautiful creation were made just for me. It can enhance parts of my body that I never knew could look like that! What it does for my confidence, even if I'm the only one who knows it, is priceless!

What can you do to have your own mood altering experience with lingerie?

Take Inventory

Start taking notice of which lingerie you gravitate to throughout the month. See if there is any specific lingerie that you wear when you're feeling happy, sassy, or romantic. How do you feel when the lingerie is next to your skin? Is there any lingerie that makes you feel bad?

Does it remind you of an unhappy time with an old lover? A bad point in your life? When you were a weight that you didn't like? If so, GET RID OF IT! You should only wear lingerie that makes you feel good about yourself! Wearing lingerie that makes you feel bad is the kiss of death. Lingerie is the closest thing next to your skin. The lingerie that you wear will affect how you feel and how present yourself to the world.

If you don't have one set of matching lingerie that makes you feel good, then set some money aside and buy at least one set (matching bra and panty) just to try it out. The following are some good places to look for your lingerie:

Boutiques $$-$$$$

Don't let the word "boutique" scare you. They will carry couture, high quality and one-of-a-kind lingerie, and prices may vary from middle-of-the-road to high end. Check out boutique sales (such as the ones listed above). I recently bought a gorgeous bra and panty set (around $400) at the end of the season for 50% off. Although, I usually spend much less on my sets. Some of my favorite boutiques are:

*for boutiques in your area, do a google or yahoo search

Order Online $-$$$$

There are some amazing websites with a large variety of designers, quality and style. Below are some of my favorites:

* If you order online, make sure that you have your measurements and you check them with each bra you order. Every designer will cut the bra differently

Department Stores $$-$$$$

They will carry a large variety of bras and panties in a wide range of styles and sizes. Some of the higher end department stores will carry the higher quality brands like LePerla and Cosabella.
Some department stores that I prefer are:

  • Nordstroms
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Macy's

Check for end-of-the-season sales, you can get your most expensive brand names for a discounted rate. End-of-the-season sales usually run in July-August and January.

Discount Store $-$$

If you're a bargain hunter, then you can get European and Domestic lingerie for 40-60% off the retail price. Know that these stores are limited when you try to match bra and panty sets. You can find them, but you will have to rummage.

Just the other day, I found a Galliano bra for $6. Guess what? No panties. If you are a 34B-36C, then you have a good chance at finding a matching set, otherwise, it's a size crap shoot. Some of my favorite discount stores are:

  • TJMaxx
  • Marshalls
  • Century 21 (in New York)

Once you get your special set of lingerie, you'll be amazed how such a small piece of clothing can lift your spirits. As my version of that infamous commercial goes...

  • Bra - $48
  • Expensive Diamond Necklace - $250,000
  • The Way Luxurious Lingerie Makes Me Feel - PRICELESS!

Sizing Your Girls Up: How to Find Your Bra Size

Grab a tape measure because you'll need it! Finding your bra size is extra fun because you get to figure out two components...

Your band size and your cup size!

Fitting Your Band Size

  • In front of a mirror, wrap your tape measure snugly around your chest. Make sure its under the crease, beneath your breasts
  • Check in the mirror to make sure the tape measure is parallel to the floor and flat across your back. You may need a friend to help
  • Write down your measurements
  • Some basic math is needed to find your band size. If the number is even, add 4 to get your band size. If the number is odd, add 5 to get your band size. For example: If you wrote down 32, add 4 and your band size will be 36

Fitting Your Cup Size

  • In front of the mirror, wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your breasts (at the nipple)
  • The tape measure should be straight, parallel to the floor and flat across your back
  • Write down the measurement
  • Take this number and subtract your band size measurement from it. The difference will tell you your cup size. For example: If your band size measurement is 38, and your new measurement, from the fullest part of your breast is 35, the difference is 3, and your cup size is “C”

See the chart below to help you figure out your cup size (US):

Inches * * * Centimeters * * * Cup Size

0"- 1/2" * * 1.3cm * * * * * * * AA

1/2"- 1" * * 2.6 cm * * * * * * * A

2" * * * * * 5.1 cm * * * * * * * B

3" * * * * * 7.6 cm * * * * * * * C

4" * * * * * 10.2 cm * * * * * * D


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