Friday, January 30, 2009

3 Days Left ~ Lingerie Contest

Our Eve's Apples Priceless "Posie" Panty Contest by Hopeless Handmade Lingerie ends in 3 days!

To get your own handmade pansy panty that retails for $85 (image above), click on Eve's Apples Priceless "Posie" Panty Contest for details and to ENTER NOW!

Lingerie Body: Holiday Recovery

It's a new year, time for positive changes and finding ways to help you "Celebrate Your Inner Eve." Oprah just outted herself about putting on forty pounds, and I just ate enough chocolate over the holidays to put on five. So how do we feel good about ourselves, take charge and still look fabulous in lingerie?

  1. Love yourself regardless of your size, shape, or weight
  2. Know that each day is a new day. Your goals all start with one moment
  3. Know that your "flaws" make you unique and beautiful
  4. Wear lingerie that fits, is comfortable and makes you feel good
  5. Do it for you!

In the meantime, I found this fabulous Weight Watchers article about how to make a big difference in your body by making small changes.

28 Small Changes That Will Make a Big Difference

Article By: Melissa Sperl

"Small changes can make a big difference in your weight-loss efforts. Here are some baby steps that will get you far.

Hey, slow down! Weight loss is no sprint, it's a marathon. So abruptly and drastically changing your routine is only going to leave you breathless and worn out. A more realistic approach to weight loss is to take it one step at a time, one day at a time. Little by little, it'll make a big difference.

Do sweat the small stuff. 'Making small changes one at a time is a great strategy,' agrees psychologist Howard Rankin, PhD, a author of "The TOPS Way to Weight Loss" (Hay House, 2005). 'It's not overwhelming, and it results in a slower, steadier weight loss.'

Think of it this way, maybe cutting the cream out of your coffee seems like a small feat to you. But once you've got that down you can add another small feat, then another.

So, we asked people just like you—on the Message Boards and in meetings rooms—what small steps they've taken in order to make their way toward their weight goals. Here's what they had to say:

… About Small Eating Changes

  1. Water, water, water, water. (Your skin will look great, too!)
  2. Order half portions at restaurants, or share a full portion with somebody. Or ask for a "to-go" container when you order your food, and pack up half the portion before you even start eating
  3. Cut back on butter and mayo
  4. Limit fried foods to once or twice per week
  5. Use less or no sugar in your coffee or tea
  6. Replace ground beef with meatless products or ground turkey
  7. Try at least one new food every week. If you're bored with what you're eating, you're more likely to give up
  8. Eat fresh, raw veggies with sandwiches instead of chips
  9. Measure your portions until you're sure you know what a cup, a half-cup, and a tablespoon look like. This will help you practice portion control, an essential key to weight-loss success
  10. Try not to drink high-calorie beverages
  11. Dip your fork in a side of salad dressing before each bite instead of pouring it directly on your salad. You'll find that you are satisfied with much less than you usually put on.
  12. Find healthy alternatives to all your favorite foods
  13. If you don't really love it, don't eat it"

For the complete article, including Small Exercise Changes, click on 28 Small Changes.

Images on this page are from my favorite high quality athletic women's wear website, Athleta. The blue Island Wraptini (first top center image) is $59 and matching bikini bottoms are $44. The pink Riva Bra Cup Wraptini (image center) is $59 and matching bottoms are $49.

It's about making life long habitual changes. If you can only incorporate one or two small changes at first then add more changes later. Above all, do what feels right for you and helps you Celebrate Your Inner Eve!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Boutique of the Month ~ Peter Alexander

In 1987 in Australia, Peter Alexander sewed his first pair of pajamas on his Mother's dining room table...the rest is history. Within one year, he'd sold his line to every major department store in Australia. By 1996, an American buyer discovered his talent and introduced his line to the United States. Now, instead of being in stores throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States, he has his own stores.

Imagine my delight when I was just window shopping and stumbled across this unique store, offering intimates, accessories and bedtime wear that converts to day wear! You can pretty much assume it's going to be a good experience when someone initially offers you chocolate coated biscuits upon entering the store. And I had my four year old son with me who would not be denied having a second chocolate biscuit...a fast moving sales associate with chocolate in hand...melt down avoided.

The sales staff were warm and inviting, as well as helpful beyond belief. I ended up purchasing two chemises that day (the Casino Royal and Old World Bow Slinky) because both were so comfortable and pretty, making it supremely difficult to choose only one.

How many places have you been where the sales staff raves about how down-to-earth and kind the owner is when visiting the stores? I can tell you that it doesn't happen often, but it happens at Peter Alexander. They gushed so genuinely about Peter that I wanted to anything I could to help the store succeed.

To get a quick idea of the flirty line, the pink Music Box Nightie and Knicker (above left) is $79. The Rodeo Drive lingerie set (image above right) is from the Signature Line (bra is $69 and knicker is $39)...if I could only justify another purchase....

I enjoyed myself so much that I simply couldn't wait to announce Peter Alexander as a Boutique of the Month, so I wrote about the line in Lingerista Lifestyle: Cozy Chemises & Chocolate Peppermint Martinis. And, I know. Technically, Peter Alexander isn't a boutique, per say. But, it's such a lively, delightful store with fabuleux customer service that it deserves a bending of the rules.

If you don't have time to go into the store in person, check out the website online by clicking on Peter Alexander. It's a fun, interactive place to stop by and get a flavor of the brand (see image below).

Wearing Peter Alexander is always a pleasure. Even if you're getting your beauty rest, you want to be comfortable and glamorous as you dream about Celebrating Your Inner Eve.

Nightie night, my dear Lingeristas!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fashion Week: Video Retrospective ~ Part 2

This is the second video retrospective that is leading us up to the fabulous Fashion Week shows in February!

Enjoy, my dear Lingeristas!

Agent Provocateur Lingerie Show:

Moda Lingerie Video ~ Autumn 2005 - Winter 2006:

I had to include one of my all time favorite lingerie lines...I.D. Sarrieri!

I.D. Sarrieri Lingerie Fashion Show Video:

Leçons de Séduction No. 10

Lesson No. 10:

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cold Proof Lingerie & Video

This time of the year, colds go around affecting couples, co-workers and families. But sometimes you have to wonder if your partner, friend or employee is really sick. How can you tell? Click on the video to see if he suffers from some of the tell tale signs of death defying sickness.


If your partner potentially has a "Man Cold," like the actor in the "Man Stroke Woman" video above, try the following as a test to see just how sick he really is right now:

  1. Get out your sexiest lingerie (like the bra and panty sets below recently released by Lake & Stars ~ found at Faire Frou Frou)

  2. Walk around the house nonchalantly in your sassy intimates
  3. Bend over in front of him...
  4. Does he blankly stare off into space? Is he completely oblivious to you? Does he struggle to moan incoherently? If so, he's really sick
  5. If he talks, feebly tries to coerce you over to him or grunts in a way that illicites "Come hither," then your husband or boyfriend has a man cold

If he has a "Man Cold"...STOP what you're doing. I repeat STOP. You need to think clearly. Do the following steps, in this order:

  1. Get dressed. Keep on your luxurious lingerie beneath your clothes
  2. Give him some soup AND the t.v. remote
  3. Go out for drinks with your girlfriends

You've earned it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Undies: First Lady Style

Yesterday marked a historical moment when Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. But what about the intelligent, stylish First Lady, Michelle Obama?

Michelle has been a favorite with the people ever since she was seen wearing her fashionable yet pocket book practical pieces from stores, such as The Gap, as she campaigned alongside her husband. Last night marked the pinnacle, celebratory moment for the Obamas as they attended ten inauguration parties, as is tradition with each new president.

President Obama and the First Lady made their initial appearance last night at the Neighborhood Ball and he started off by saying, “First of all, how good lookin’ is my wife!”

Michelle was stunning in a glamorous, white full-length, one-shoulder gown (images above) by young American designer Jason Wu. His collection is a "manifestation of (his) eclectic and diverse background. Born in Taipei but having lived in Vancouver, Paris and Tokyo, he combines modern lifestyle dressing with the spirit and detailing of haute couture that is both innovative and romantically reflective." If this designer is a sign of things to come with this new administration, he sums up the collective hope and inspiration projected with the new president.

  • 2 parts ~ style and classic elegance
  • 1 part ~ choosing a designer who reflects your personal style and world outlook
  • 3 parts ~ convertible lingerie that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and coquettish

The first two ingredients are up to you. To get the lingerie right with Michelle's one-shoulder dress, choose a convertible bra that allows you to play with the straps and bring it across your body. A convertible bra will ensure that your breasts stays put and you'll look flawless all night. It will also keep your bra from migrating down to your waist. That is always a bonus!

For a simple convertible bra solution, Eve's Apples loves the Natori Memory Foam Bump Convertible Underwire Bra (black bra image above center) for $54 in black or cafe and pairing it with the sexy Natori Sheer Femme Hipster for $18 in black, cafe or black coffee.

For something a bit more romantic and lacy, Eve's Apples adores the silver lingerie set by Blush (image above center). The Blush Precious Charm Convertible Bra is $32 and matching Precious Charm Thong is $16.

Here's to looking as fabulous as the new First Lady and to Celebrating Your Inner Eve!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fashion Week: Video Retrospective ~ Part 1

In the upcoming weeks, Fashion Week will be going on worldwide during February. To honor this fabulous fashion and lingerie extravaganza, we'll be bringing you a series of video retrospectives of past lingerie shows.

Enjoy, my dear Lingeristas!

La Perla Lingerie Show Fall / Winter 2008 Video:

Passionata: International Lingerie Show 2007: Part 3 Video

Image (above center) is from the Passionata video.

Leçons de Séduction No. 9

Lessons No. 9:

Friday, January 16, 2009

Victoria Beckham & Armani Lingerie

It appears that the Mrs. is now on board with her famous husband, David Beckham, and Armani lingerie too!

Remember all of those tantalizing photos of David Beckham in Armani clad undies last year? If not, click on Eve's Apples Beckham in Briefs.

Thanks to the Denver Post for telling us that "Victoria Beckham has signed a $15 million deal to pose in designer Giorgio Armani lingerie, London's Daily Mail reports.

The 34-year-old mother of three has complained in the past that she looks "really awful naked."

But a confident-appearing Beckham posed in a polk-dot bra and thong set sprawled on the carpet of a dark hotel room in the film-noir-style shoot.
'There are loads of things I don't like about my body', she previously said. 'I've got so much saggy skin on my stomach.'

The pictures of Victoria, which will grace billboards and magazines, are from her first shoot in the three-year deal.

Victoria follows in the footsteps of her soccer superstar husband David, 33, who posed in his underwear."

Natori Reveals Secret of Success

Interview Video with Lingerie Designer Josie Natori:

Natori chemises are some of my favorites! I always look forward to see what new ones come out each season. The images below are some of the luscious lingerie in the Natori line. The Sonia Chemise (left) is $160 and the Negligee Lace Chemise (right) is $220. Both can be purchased at the Natori website.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dita von Tesse Interview ~ Inspirations

In the fabulous video interview with Dita von Tesse (below), she talks about her inspirations, lingerie, fashion and burlesque. Keep in mind, this was conducted prior to release her own lingerie line, The Science of Sexy! Dita is one woman who definitely "Celebrates Her Inner Eve" and she sums this up in her video interview by saying that "the most stylish women throughout history have been the rule breakers."

Lingeristas, what it comes down to is listening to your own voice and wearing what makes you feel comfortable. It may not be the same style as your best friend, mother or boss, but it is entirely "you!" When you're confident, you're sexy and alluring just being "you."

For more information on her line, click on our Eve's Apples' post, Dita von Tesse at Covent Garden or click on the video below.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sensual Salons at Coco de Mer

"Coco de Mer was the first company to revive the great traditions of Salons, which dates back to the Eighteenth Century, where social gatherings in the 'grande salons' of private residences were fuelled by intellectual debate,music and debauchery. Our salons stimulate discussion and provide hours of unrivalled entertainment, education and enjoyment. We believe them to be the very essence of our company."

Information on upcoming salons is as follows:


Joystick Salon with Midori:

Tuesday, January 20th 2009
7-9 p.m.

Monday, January 26th, 2009
7 - 9 p.m.


The Art of Restraint with Mistress Absolute:

Thursday, February 12th, 2009
7 - 9pm

For more information, click on
Coco de Mer Salons.

Leçons de Séduction No. 8

Lessons No. 8:

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fabulous Friday Promotions

Up to 70% off at Figleaves!

Sale Highlight:

Freya Swim
Vodkatini soft triangle bikini top
This Freya bikini top has light foam lined triangle cups with side boning and a wide under bust band for support. Thick bands of contrasting color create a retro feel and the left halter strap has a branded plastic link. The back has a clasp fastening.

For the larger breasted woman, Freya is a blessing! Both pieces (top and bottom) are on sale for $36 each.

For more information, click on Freya Vodkatini.

Up to 70% off at BeCheeky!

Sale Highlight:

Kaleidoscope Underwired Halter Tie Side Bikini by Jolidon (image above left), exclusive to BeCheeky, is on sale for $39.34.

For more information, click on Kaleidoscope Side Bikini.

Petite Coquette was fabulous enough to post this about French Lingerie Sales:

French lingerie sales are launched!

  • Sales at Les Dentelles d'Alice: Aubade, Barbara, Chantelle, Empreinte, Gerbe, Lise Charmel
  • Sales at Orcanta: Anita, Armor Lux, Aubade, Chantal Thomass, Chantelle, Hom, Huit, Kenzo, Lejaby, Lise Charmel, Morgan, Orcanta, Passionata, Simone Pérèle, Yoba
  • Sales at Lolie Belle: Axfords, Barbara, Cervin, Eva Rachline, Gerbe, Gio, Huit, Kiss Me Deadly, Lolaluna, Lulu and Lush, Luxxa, Millesia, Ravage, What Katie Did
  • Sales at Yoox: Argentovivo, Bacirubati, Dior, Christies, Cosabella, Dolce & Gabbana, Fichissima, Jesus Fernandez, Julianne, Naory, Occhi Verdi, Ritratti, Roberto Cavalli, Wolford And many beautiful things to complete the wardrobe
  • Sales at LRG: Aubade, Barbara, Chantal Thomass, Chantelle, Finebelle, Freya, Hom, Implicite, Lejaby, Lise Charmelle, Lou, Lovely, Marjolaine, Passionata, Primadonna, Rasurel, Simone Pérèle, Udy, Valisère
  • Sales at Dessus Dessous: Antigel, Antinéa, Aubade, Barbara, Canat, Chantelle, Elixir, Empreinte, Felina, Hanro, Le Bourget, Lejaby, Lise Charmel, Love Me, Marjolaine, Millesia, Oscalito, Rasurel, Ravage
  • Sales at Bien Fée Pour Toi: Bien Fée Pour Toi
  • Sales at GlamOutlet: Grigioperla, La Perla, La Perla Black Label, Malizia, Marvel
  • Sales at So Sensuelle: Aubade, Cotton Club, Huit, Lejaby, Marie Jo Haute Couture, Marie Jo l'Aventure, PrimaDonna, Princesse Tam Tam

International Sales at:

Lingerie Quiz: Look Divine in 2009

Lauren Silva has this divine new quiz on her website that helps you address your intimate garment blunders. Click on Look Divine in 2009 to take the test!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The Eve's Apples Red Hot Lingerie Contest WINNER IS ANNOUNCED!

Thank you to everyone who entered our Eve's Apples Red Hot Lingerie Contest sponsored by The Little Bra Company! I love reading all of your comments...the success stories...the poems...oh, how I loved the poems! If it were up to me, I'd love to send all of you lingerie! Alas, I can only choose

...Check your emails to see if you've won! The winner will receive a free red Lucia bra and matching lace boyshort panty by The Little Bra Company. Ggggrrrrr----!

If you didn't win and you're petite, click on The Little Bra Company to see how you can make the most of your cleavage and celebrate that "good things do come in small packages."

I hope all of you had a good holiday season and are enjoying the New Year! If you liked the December contest, click on our Eve's Apples January Contest, the Priceless "Posie" Panty Contest.

Celebrate Your Inner Eve, my dear ones!

Simone Perele Celebrates 60 Years

Congratulations to Simone Perele! In 2008, the Perele family and company celebrated 60 years of making luxuriously feminine lingerie. Here's to 2009, and another year of the gorgeous line!


For more information, go to Simone Perele Lingerie.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Resolution: For Lingeristas


I will do one Eve's Apples Lingerista Resolution for each month of 2009 until I've reached 12 Resolutions by December. They are as follows:
  1. I will throw away any granny panties
  2. I will get measured properly! I will go to either Nordstrom, Rigby & Peller, or a boutique that specializes in fittings (not a mall chain) to get measured and ensure my measurement is correct
  3. I will discover if my breast shape affects my bra size
  4. I will wear lingerie for me
  5. I will see which lingerie makes me feel good, any item that doesn't will immediately get thrown away. Any bras that are gently worn will be donated friends, family, Goodwill, the Salvation Army or sent to Gigi's Closet Bra Drive in the US or Breast Appeal in the UK
  6. I will invest in good, high quality lingerie that will last me a long while--no more disposable, cheap lingerie
  7. I will find out how my moods are affected by the lingerie color that I wear
  8. I will buy one nice chemise or lingerie set that makes me feel like a queen and wear it "just because"
  9. I will accept my body
  10. I will acknowledge that my body is perfect in all of its unique and glorious "imperfections"
  11. I will wear matching lingerie (bras and panties) everyday--no matter who sees it
  12. I will be adventuresome and try a new style of panties that has scared me in the past

Above all, throughout 2009, I will Celebrate My Inner Eve!

Pond of Eve (image top center) by Lineca

Leçons de Séduction No. 7

Lesson No. 7:

Friday, January 2, 2009


It may be cold outside, but you'll be smoldering hot in these sassy Pansy Silk Panties!

Made to order, Hopeless Handmade Lingerie is donating its romantic, timeless "Pansy Silk Briefs" (image on left) from the Posie line for our Eve's Apples' January Contest. Inspired by the Singing Garden in Alice in Wonderland, Designer and Owner, Gabrielle Adamidis was "emulat(ing) the shapes of the petals and leaves in the details of the pieces, as well as capturing the fantastical spirit of the film." Here at Eve's Apples, we think she did a phenomenal job!

About the Pansy Silk Brief: "The main body is black, with a beautiful pink frill at the back.They are made with 100% silk satin, which feels luxuriously soft against the skin. This is most definitely not for everyday wear, but for special occasions, or just when you feel like being a little dreamy...It is a piece to treasure and take care of, to be gently hand-washed and to keep for years to come." It retails for $85.

You can enjoy your own pair of Pansy Silk Briefs by entering Eve's Apples Priceless "Posie" Panty Contest!


What makes this fun, delicate Pansy Silk Panty a necessity and a timeless piece of lingerie?

To Enter: Tell us why Hopeless Handmade Lingerie's Pansy Silk Panty is a timeless piece of lingerie! We want to know! Leave your comment after this post. The best comment wins!

Prize: The Pansy Silk Panty (size Small, Medium or Large).

Deadline: February 1, 2009 (5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time)

Important: Please be sure that we can either link back to you or that you send Eve's Apples your e-mail address (we don't sell it or pass it along). We notify the winner directly.
Also, please note that this contest is for the panty only and excludes the additional lingerie in the image above.

* If you win, be sure to consult their size chart to ensure you order the correct size.

Hopeless Handmade Lingerie "make(s) luxurious sleepwear and lingerie for women who love vintage styling and meticulously constructed garments. Much of the sewing is hand-finished, using techniques to ensure the longevity of each piece. All items are made to order." HHL does custom requests too!

For more information on HHL or how to purchase the gorgeous Posie lingerie line, click on Hopeless Handmade Lingerie or go to the links below:

Best wishes on this contest, Lingeristas! This is one prize you'll be celebrating for years to come!

Lingeristas, Norman Rockwell Style

Thursday, January 1, 2009


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