Friday, March 14, 2008

Boutique of the Month ~ Miss Lala's Boudoir

For the month that is notorious for coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb, I wanted to give Eve's Apples readers a fun, flirty, adventurous boutique. Miss Lala's Boudoir in London and its fabulous website are just that!

I'm completely enamored by the playful, interactive website that highlights lingerie and designers as well as chronicles the romantic adventures of Miss Lala from a Swiss school girl, to her harrowing experiences with the circus, to falling in love with a count "for a week", to eventually finding her home in Los Angeles. After all, as Miss Lala can attest, "Home is where the heart is". With a lingerie selection that ranges from the utter extravagant to sweet, understated, embroidered options, you can make yourself at home or start an adventure in just about any of the knickers there.

Once inside the higher end shop, it will delight the lingerista looking for something out of the mainstream. It's laid out like a bedroom with panties displayed in open drawers, giving the sense of being in a cozy boudoir. While there, Miss Lala goes the extra mile to make you feel at home in the shop. I've been told that before Christmas they handed out mince meat pies for customers to eat while shopping. How's that for feeling at home?

Lucy Jones, Shopping Editor for had this to say about Miss Lala's Boudoir, "Ladies go weak at the knees for Miss Lala’s. This beautiful little boutique stocks wonderful cheeky lingerie labels. Wickedly indulgent, it’s a dressing up box for girls that love to look dazzling. Located near the glamorous tree-lined avenues of Primrose Hill and part of the popular new crop of smaller boutiques to hit London, it’s developed a fantastically exclusive image.

It’s all frills, fuss, lace and giant bows. They have some super extravagant underwear options...

...This shop is exciting, innovative and utterly unrestrained."

Click on London Information for the full article.

Miss Lala's Boudoir
144 Gloucester Avenue
Primrose Hill
Tel: 020 7483 1888

Open 9am-5pm daily

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