Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Virtues of a Bra that Fits

Majority of U.S. Women Wearing Wrong Bra Size

We've all been there. There's the bra strap that perpetually falls down, the strapless bra that migrates to your mid-section, and even the Grand Canyon shoulder crevasse caused from straps. It all comes down to finding a bra that fits.

A bra that fits well is a priceless piece of lingerie!

The Virtues...

  1. It's comfortable
  2. Makes you feel confident
  3. Keeps you free from pesky underwire digging into your skin
  4. Makes your breasts look like assets instead of a liability
  5. Enhances what you have instead of accentuating what you don't when the cup size is too big
  6. It keeps your ample girls from spilling out the top on too small cup sizes
  7. Keeps your cleavage in the front, where it belongs, instead of on your back (the ghastly back cleavage) caused by too BIG band sizes. (Go down a size and wear it lower on your back, it will eliminate back cleavage)
  8. Supports your breasts and fights off the dreaded gravitational pull
  9. Straps stay put instead of slipping down the sides of your arms, leaving your breasts with lop-sided support
  10. Keeps your straps in place. (If they're falling down then your bra band is probably riding up and you need to go down a band size)
  11. Creates better support for your back
  12. Enhances your curves in ways that you never thought possible
  13. It's a mood altering experience
  14. Your confidence in how you feel and look is an instant aphrodisiac to your spouse, boyfriend or lover

There's an art to finding a good bra that makes you feel comfortable, assured, and luxurious all day. Before you can find that perfect bra, you have to know your bra size. You'd think it was a national phenomenon when Oprah showed a segment on how to find your bra size and it was announced that "85% of women in America are wearing the wrong bra size."

What's a woman to do? Get measured!

Go to a local boutique, that's one of the special services provide at these select stores. To find one near you, do a search online. Some of my favorite boutiques are:

If you don't have a boutique near by, you can also check out the following department stores where you can get measured:

  • Neiman Marcus
  • Nordstom
  • Barneys

The other option is for you to measure your own size. It's a simple and easy two component process. To measure yourself, click on our Eve's Apples article, Sizing Your Girls Up: How to Find Your Bra Size.

Now that you know your size and the virtues of a bra that fits, go Celebrate Your Inner Eve in a bra that makes you feel luxurious, comfortable, and confident!


Camille said...

I am so glad you posted this! Every time I buy a new bra I always make sure I get measured...who knows if "the girls" have shrunk or grown...probably the later! :)

EvesApples said...

That's really good that you do this! They say that people should get measured every year because their bodies and breasts grow and change.

Hey, send me a link to your website!


Plus Size Bra said...

Really good to see that you touched all that makes a good bra. Also, your link on mood creation is good.


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