Friday, March 28, 2008

Save or Spend on Bras?

Is a good bra worth a high price?

With everyone feeling the crunch in these challenging economic times, it's hard to know what is worth purchasing. In order to make your money go farther, the question remains whether or not it's wise to spend money on a well made bra or save it for another essential wardrobe item.

In the article, "Spend or Save? A Guide to Buying Wardrobe Essentials" from, they say...

Save or Spend on a Bra? Spend!

Experts Say: 'Bras are a good investment item because they can affect your overall look, says Tim Gunn, chair of the department of fashion design at Parsons The New School for Design and a mentor on Bravo's Project Runway. Focus on the fit. 'A great bra can make a 5- to 10-pound difference in your appearance," says Amanda Sanders, a New York-based image consultant. "The bigger your bust, the more important the fit is. If you have a smaller chest, a quality bra can make the most of what you have.'"

To read the complete article by, click on Spend or Save? A Guide to Buying Wardrobe Essentials.

For those wanting to purchase a high quality bra where there is a variety of brand and size selection (sizes 28AA to 56 FF), click on Be sure to look at their up to 50% off Easter Sale. Who knows, maybe you'll find some priceless panties at a reasonable price to go with your new bra.

Have a great weekend and be sure to Celebrate Your Inner Eve!


susannah said...

Hi there

Interesting question! I have linked to this from blogleaves today.


EvesApples said...

We must be on the same brain wave. I just discovered blogleaves yesterday and fell in love!

Lingerie Diva said...

I think you should spend to get good-quality bras that will support you and give you the best shape possible. You simply can't get that with cheap investments.

By the way, I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work! :)


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