Monday, March 10, 2008

Poll Results ~ The Perfect Number of Panties Per Bra is...

"2 Panties per Bra"

It seems that Eve's Apple lingeristas like to have an extra pair of matching panties on hand for each bra. Personally, I like to have at least one thong and one in a fuller panty or to purchase two thongs...depending on my mood.

After posting the poll, I received questions about whether this poll was about the number of matching panties or the number of panties that you wear in general. I confess, my intention was to find out how many "matching" panties was the ideal amount to have per bra.

In any case, the findings are interesting. It did lead me to asking the current poll below. Do lingeristas only wear matching panties or like to mix and match panties with colors and styles in your boudoir? Take the poll at the bottom of the blog to find out.

Below are the results to the perfect number of panties per bra:
  • One Bra & Two Panties ~ An extra in case one is in the wash = 42%
  • One Bra & Three Panties ~ Change up those styles = 32%
  • One Bra & Four or More Panties ~ Many styles for many moods = 26%
  • One Bra & One Panty ~ it's simple math = 0%

Whether you buy two pairs or seven pairs, like my mother-in-law, make sure that they're panties that make you feel good, confident and Celebrate Your Inner Eve!

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