Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sex & The City Lingerie Preview

"Big" News for Lingerie & Movies

If you're like me and my girlfriends, then you're anxiously counting down the days until May 30th when Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte reunite on the big screen for Sex & The City: The Movie. Back in December, Eve's Apples posted that in order to celebrate this momentous event, Cosabella is coming out with a Sex & The City line, inspired by each of our starlets.

Thanks to The Lingerie Post, who got a first hand look at the images, we can bring you a sample of the lines from New York Fashion Week. Presenting...

A hopeless romantic, our fresh faced fashionista was the little, old woman who lived in her D&G shoes.

Everyone's darling, our innocent, sweet as apple pie baked at the Hamptons, Sex & The City lady who'll only get angry if you steal her baby name or decorate like her mother-in-law.

A savvy, stylish siren who knows no shame when seducing men and rewrote the definition of "sex."

Smarter than most, she's our no-nonsense lawyer that will find practicality even in love and, if she must, her bedside table toys too.

For the full article, click on Cosabella Sex & The City Lingerie Update.

Personally, after everything Carrie has gone through to find love, I look forward to seeing how she's going to get her "Big" happy ending with "John James Preston." For the full movie trailer, complete with the tragedy that strikes early on, click on the Sex & The City video below.


Cosmetics and Perfumes said...

Thank for the review. I think neither Cashmere Mafia nor LÄ°pstick Jungle are like Sex and the city. Before the movie I have just started to watch all episodes is really nice to see them too young :))

EvesApples said...

My friends and I have a weekly day set to review the past shows so that we are caught up when the film arrives.


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