Friday, March 27, 2009

The Rise of Man: Adam's Take on Lingerie

Eve is often blamed for the fall of Adam, mankind if you will. Why does she always take the blame for all of the world’s temptation? One possible reason for this: Lingerie. Curse or Blessing?

Men spend so much time attempting to get these sexy pieces of clothing off of our Eve’s that we hardly notice the intricate details, often spoken of with such passionate detail on Eve’s Apples Lingerie Blog. So you can guess my astonishment when a dear friend of mine mentioned the other day that his wife had come home with sexy new lingerie recommended to her by Eve’s Apples. Instead of begging his wife to remove the intimate apparel he instead asked her to keep it on!

Is this going to be a new trend? Well, if company’s such as
La Perla with their Black Label Collection (pictured above and debuting in Spring/Summer 2009) or nearly any item in the Agent Provocateur line continue to be part of our ladies intimate collections, men everywhere will be faced with a tough dilemma. It's a dilema I welcome any day!

I am Adam, I have an apple.


Kelly said...

Oh, I think half the fun of lingerie is keeping it on! It comes off slowly, piece by piece, as things go along.

EvesApples said...

Absolutely, Kelly! I second that!


~ Eve


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