Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lingerie Body: Victoria Beckham

The latest Armani ad update with the Beckhams features Victoria (image below). The Daily Mail states that "David, 33, first signed a £20 million deal to become the new global ambassador of the fashion house in 2007.

His 34-year-old wife followed suit with her own £12 million three-year deal late last year, with Italian designer Giorgio Armani praising her as an 'intriguing woman'.

In the past, Mrs Beckham has claimed she 'looks really awful naked', complaining of 'saggy skin' on her stomach following three pregnancies."

Isn't it refreshing to see that Victoria is just like an every day woman who wrestles with her body image? Did you notice how stunning she looks in these images?!

I admire how honest and humble Victoria is when talking about her feelings toward her body. She's a great example of how we, as women, can be our biggest critics. People may see beauty, and, she may see the flaws. We do that to ourselves all the time.

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