Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tantalizing Trivia ~ onGossamer

QUESTION: onGossamer, the exquisite lingerie line, was named after a famous quote by:

A. Henry David Thoreau

B. William Shakespeare

C. Emily Dickinson

D. William Butler Yeats

During Eve's recent visit to Fashion Week / Las Vegas, we spoke with onGossamer and discovered that the owner was head over heals for Shakespeare at the time that he and his wife were naming their lingerie company. As a result, "onGossamer" took its inspiration from Shakespeare's quote, "Faeries flitting on gossamer wings are a common sight. Their wings of rainbow colors unfold quietly, taking flight."

ANSWER: If you answered "B" above then you are correct.

To see some of the lingerie inspired by Shakespeare's fairy wings, take a look at this post for a few images from the collection.

Calypso Garden Bra ($46) and Bikini ($24) look like your lost in a fanciful dream (image above). To purchase, click on onGossamer Calypso lingerie at Nordstrom.

For some luxurious camisoles, onGossamer's Sobe Safari Collection has the Beaded Camisole (image top center of post) in a Cheebra print mesh with built-in shelf bra. A sequined tiger on front completes the look and can be purchased at Gigi's Closet for $58 (on sale from $78).

Also from the same collection, the Mesh Camisole (image above center) is "jazzed up with a metallic stud tiger on a white background" is $50 (on sale from $68). To purchase, click on Gigi's Closet / onGossamer.

Inspired by this line, "OnGossamer has made a contribution to the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, to help the herd and insure adequate water supply to the wild animals."

For more collections and purchasing onGossamer, click onGossamer Home Website.

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The seed of inspiration can create great results, just look at onGossamer's lingerie inspired by Shakespeare. Now that's what I call, "Celebrating Your Inner Eve!"

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