Monday, February 11, 2008

Boutique of the Month: February ~ Faire Frou Frou

In French "Faire Frou Frou means "to show off"...

...and that's exactly what you'll do if you wear some of their lingerie!

In honor of Valentine's Day, I had to bring you the most romantic and beautiful lingerie store that I could find. That's just what I've done. Faire Frou Frou is a darling gem located in Studio City on Ventura Boulevard.

On the insanely windy day that I stopped by, it was a relief to go into Faire Frou Frou for several reasons. For starters, despite my tousled appearance, I was greeted by Alison (one of the owners), who is a sweet, savvy lingerista. Alison, like the store, is also a gem. Secondly, she and Gail (her mother and co-owner) adorned the store in French decor, including chandeliers, gilded mirrors, jewelry, fans, and other lingerie accessories. It's such a visually enticing place to be, and I haven't even mentioned the lingerie yet. Finally, the word...exquisite.

Customer Service: Alison was gracious with her time, talking with me about lingerie and finding styles that would be best fit my body type. Since I can be obsessive when it comes to lingerie, it was a joy talking with her about the little details and craftsmanship that make each piece special. I can't wait to go back!

Store: The store is a visual masterpiece. But not in a stuffy way. It's charming and spaciously laid out for a smaller store, displaying tempting lingerie goodies throughout. It's merchandised well and easy to shop.

Website: Here is another treat. To get a sample of Faire Frou Frou, go on the website. It gives you a strong sense of the store and lists all of the lines that they carry. They also have a Faire Frou Frou Blog which is updated regularly and full of great insider tips.

Brands: They carry high-end brands ranging in price and specializing in European styles that I adore. They also carry brands that are hard to find in the U.S. Some of the brands found at Faire Frou Frou are...

Services: Aside from the stellar customer service and high quality lingerie, services provided in boutiques are equally important. It makes boutiques stand alone in comparison to big stores or shopping malls. Faire Frou Frou is no exception. The services they offer are as follows...

  • Online Shopping
  • In-store Bridal Registry

  • Personal Lingerie Shopper

  • Custom Gift Wrapping

  • Next Day and Delivery Service in the LA Area

  • Bra Measurements and Fitting
Overall: This boutique is one Valentine treat that you don't want to miss. If you can make it into Faire Frou Frou before the holiday, then do so. You won't be disappointed. If you can't make it there, then check out their website. They have many stunning new items, and to make room they also have past season lingerie on sale for 50% off.

They sell to celebrities, stylists and even us every day people. There is a good balance of having an upscale store complemented by a warm and inviting staff. This is one place that will be starred on my date book and will be visited many more times in the years to come!

Stop by Faire Frou Frou and "show off" Your Inner Eve!

Faire Frou Frou
Address: 13017A Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, California 91604
Phone Number: 818-783-4970


Unknown said...

We couldn't agree with you more! ;-)

What a lovely, sweet review - thank you so much!

It is such a pleasure to meet someone like yourself that loves and appreciates beautiful lingerie.

xoxo Alison & Gail
Faire Frou Frou

Anonymous said...

The pleasure is mine! It was so much fun and such a joy to visit! Thank you for such a fun day! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Big Hugs,


Mary said...

Thanks for detailed review! I gotta go check this place out.


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