Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Best in Bras

This once uncomfortable and unattractive undergarment has been transformed into a piece of clothing that continues to reinvent itself year after year. From bright, vivid colors to bras that turn an A into a C without blinking, has become more than just that boring piece of underwear that you dread shopping for. The following trends are the best in bras for 2012:

Push Ups
This trend began in bras and even continues to come in the shape and form of gel like chicken cutlets. Getting the “girls” to look as perky as they were when you were 20 is H-O-T. It may seem virtually impossible, but with the amazing breakthroughs in bra science today, you'll be shocked at how comfy the push up has become!

Sexy Lace Nicole Bra - Coming Soon to Eve's Apples

Branch out from the whites, nudes and blacks ladies! Don't be afraid to grab that bright purple bra! Sure, you need a (nude) bra for that white T, but lime greens and hot pinks are the new black bra this year.

Don't think your mom's 70's cream colored, thick stitched lace bra, we're talking about the sexy stark white, peep show lace that makes you feel like the gorgeous woman you are. These types of bras can also transition from underwear to outerwear, using the more conservative bras under sweaters and sheer tops.

Elizabeth Petite Sports Bra -Coming Soon to Eve's Apples

The New Sports Bra
Not just for the gym, the sports bra has been transformed into a comfortable, seamless undergarment that supports without shaping your chest into the dreaded uni-boob. With no underwire to cut into your ribs, the sports bra has become one of the most popular trends of 2012.

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