Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lingerie Chic: Blazers & Lingerie

Blazers and Lingerie?!

As the summer arrives you see many new styles come into play. For instance, neutrals are worn as (basic) black would be (worn) in the winter season.  One thing is for sure, Camis (camisoles) are a must have for the summer season, be sure to always have a couple on hand.

 Photo: Armani

There are many different ways to wear a cami for instance take a look at a shot from Rihanna's photo shoot for Armani's 2012 Summer ad. The silk cami with the lace trim is an absolute fave for any summer event. That's right I mean you can wear this cami as outer wear instead of just in your bedroom.  To make it even more interesting combine this silky top with a blazer! Yes, a blazer; it is the perfect look for meeting up with a friend for lunch, going out for a happy hour, or even work! If you have a top such as this one Rihanna is wearing (pattern), be sure to team it up with a bare blazer.  This will surely give you the statement outfit you are looking for, with minimal effort.  


A blazer gives any outfit that last magic touch before it becomes perfectly sexy and sophisticated. Pair the silk cami with a nice bright blazer and you have the perfect summer look; you can wear jeans to dress down the look or simply wear your favorite white shorts- either way you will look trendy with a touch of class. You can't go wrong with this union, putting this outfit together will always result as a hit anywhere you go. With the right shoes and bag- you are ready for whatever comes your way.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, wearing a cami as an outer wear, I have done!


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