Thursday, June 7, 2012

Trends in Tights

There are leggings that can make legs look stronger and longer, leaner and more lovely! Trends in tights have changed throughout the years but are now more chic and sexier than ever. From lace to vibrant looks, tights have made a comeback, yet again, and whether you pair your leggings with lingerie or evening wear, there's a fabulous fad for every look.

Lace up lace is H-O-T! The sexy lingerie look is so in and not just for the runway model anymore. In whites, reds and blacks, lace is trendy in different designs as well. Stripes, paisleys, even polka dots, lace up lace is the “it” legging of the year.

Vibrant Colors
Purples, reds and yellows, oh my! Don't be afraid to stand out, literally! Bright hues paired with pumps that pop are another top trend in 2012. Less sheer than the hose before, these leggings light up your look and actually streamline the leg (making you look thinner!) 

Over the Top
Checkerboards, stripes and butterflies are just a few of the shapes and designs that are stopping traffic this summer. Opaque and sheer, black and white as well as color, anything goes with these hose! Pair up these over the top looks with a solid color top for the full effect. 

Last but Not Least...
Suspender tights! As seen on stars like Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Rihanna and Selena Gomez, these tights don fake suspenders. Sexy and comfy, the illusion of suspenders guarantees doubles takes. Caution: pair these tights with the right outfit or risk looking like you are not fully clothed!


Pewee DeeJee said...

olala...very colorfull is i like, see the other at my store

Claire said...

I love the suspender tights!! I bought a pair of these in October last year, for date night, with a pair of black shorts. I felt hot! When we got to the restaurant, the looks that I was getting really put me off my date! They looked at me as if they were trying to work out how much I was charging! It may not have helped that I have very long legs and also wore a (fake) fur coat.
I still have them in the hope that I will find somewhere less judgemental to wear them though!



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