Monday, January 21, 2008

Lingerie Body: Post Baby

By now most of you have probably seen Maggie Gyllenhaal's lingerie photos from last fall for Agent Provacateur. What many of you may not know is that at the time the photos were taken, Maggie had an 11-month old child, Ramona, with Peter Sarsgaard. She looks damn good for a woman who just had a baby! Heck, she looks amazing for a woman who has never had a baby! Many of us haven't been as fortunate as Maggie to have such a great lingerie figure so soon after delivery.

What does a woman do who wants to get back in shape after a baby and look fabulous in lingerie?

Step One: Nutrition & Portion Control

If you change a few simple habits regarding nutrition and food portions, then you can have a large impact over time with your figure. Some of the most helpful I've found are the following:
  • Bye Bye Sugar. If you can't go cold turkey, then start off slowly like cutting out all sugary sodas and try eating fresh fruit for dessert

  • After 6 p.m. only drink water or eat fruit or vegetables

  • Watch your snacking. Make sure that you aren't snacking on the left overs from the baby

  • Put your food on a smaller plate, it makes the potion look bigger and will make you think that you ate more

Step Two: Exercise

Get your body moving! If you can run five miles, then do it. But, if you're like most women after a baby, take it at a pace that feels good for you. I know some women who could only walk out to the mail box after having a child and years later have worked up to marathons and triathlons. Sometimes baby steps are best, even for us grown ups.

Step Three: Drink Lots of Water

Water replenishes your body, helps it maintain itself and curbs hunger cravings. It also makes your skin look radiant and glowing. Water is key to loosing weight and looking great!

Step Four: Buy Yourself a Pair of Priceless Panties!

Know that you'll get back to your pre-baby body but treat yourself in the meantime--without the calories! Find a pair of priceless panties that flatter your figure and make you feel like a million bucks. It will do wonders for your self-image and be an incentive to help you loose the extra baby weight!

For more information on Maggie and her Agent Provacateur photos, click on the Daily Mail article.

Congratulations to Maggie for looking so stunning post-baby! For the rest of us, I hope we're all as fortunate as Maggie in our post-delivery days! In the meantime, be kind to yourself, know you'll get your shape back, and celebrate your inner Eve!


Anonymous said...

She does look totally amazing! And with Maggie you kind of trust that she hasn't gone out on some crazy fad diet etc. Love her!

xox Girl and the City (in Paris)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Since it's Maggie and she has such a sensible, down-to-earth personality, I'm more trusting that she has gone about getting in shape in a healthy manner.

Thanks for the comment! Love your blog:


Stacie Frazier said...

What a great article with perfect advice for the new Mom or any woman really!

I may repost this on my own blog in the future, if you don't mind (giving you credit, of course).


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