Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year Lingerie Resolution

New Year is about celebrating, kicking the dust off of the last year and opening your arms to a fresh start. For all of you who are ready to change your perception of yourself and embrace a transformative year through lingerie, repeat after me:

"I do solemnly swear, being an Eve's Apples' Lingerista at heart, that I will resolve to do the following in 2008...

  1. Celebrate my inner Eve

  2. Wear matching bras & panties

  3. Buy at least two pairs of matching panties per bra

  4. Find Priceless Panties that elevate my mood whenever I wear them

  5. Wash my lingerie in mesh bags so that aren't shredded to bits

  6. Buy thong panties in a size larger so that they don't feel like dental floss when I walk

  7. Throw away any lingerie resembling the remains of a war zone

  8. Buy one nice piece of lingerie on my birthday

  9. I'll look in the mirror and tell myself that, "I love, honor and accept myself just as I am"

  10. Learn to love body parts that society says are my "flaws"

  11. Tell myself that "I'm one sexy kitten" when I look in the mirror

  12. Find out my correct bra size

  13. Find out my correct panty size--no muffin tops here

  14. Throw away any lingerie that reminds me of any bad times with old boyfriends

  15. Keep lingerie that will bring a smile to my face when I'm 80

  16. Get rid of my warm flannels pajamas and replace them with cashmere. If I must wear my flannels pajamas, then I'll wear sexy lingerie beneath them

  17. Buy lingerie that is comfortable and makes me feel like a goddess

  18. Find the color of lingerie that makes me feel sexy and confident. If I don't have any in that color then I'll buy some

  19. Have at least one sexy chemise, baby doll, cami and panty or nightie for bed when I'm alone

  20. Be joyful

Most of all, I promise to always love myself, my body, life and celebrate my inner Eve!"

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